Tuesday Thoughts: Let God Sing Through Your Wires

Let God Sing Through Your Wires

Lyrics to Wichita Lineman

I am a lineman for the county
And I drive the main road
Searchin’ in the sun for another overload

I hear you singing in the wire
I can hear you through the whine
And the Wichita lineman
Is still on the line

I know I need a small vacation
But it don’t look like rain
And if it snows that stretch down south
Won’t ever stand the strain

And I need you more than want you
And I want you for all time
And the Wichita lineman
Is still on the line

In God’s time, 1968, the year that Glen Campbell’s record “Wichita Lineman” began its journey toward being certified gold in 1969 and making inroads on country and pop music charts, is like a sixteenth note.  In God’s time, our lives sound more swiftly than a sixteenth note.  Since 1968, other songs and other lives have passed through God’s time and reside in the present.  They too will pass through God’s time into the future as surely as wires change but endure through time like a musical staff.

Jimmy Webb, the songwriter of “Wichita Lineman,” described his inspiration for writing the song.  He was driving on a desolate stretch of highway “in the middle of nowhere” and suddenly he saw a lone telephone pole on the side of the road and a lineman atop the pole busy at his craft. The lone lineman’s image tending his wires and resurrecting those that needed resurrecting – symbolically speaking, the entire human race – impressed him enough to write a song.

The things that remain as essential as a musical note, the things that the Wichita lineman atop his pole on the side of a lonely stretch of highway symbolize, are the human conditions of loneliness, need for love, (romantic and other varieties) and the need for God.  God is the Wichita Lineman, repairing and resurrecting our lives.

The second verse resonates with our relationship with God and our modern technology.  Have you ever heard the wires sing?  They sing just like God sings to us through nature – the birds, flowers, the sun and the rain, the wind and the waters, His world that He created and gives to play and pass on to others like a beloved song. He sings to us in our daily lives, through music, words, deeds, and people. He speaks to us when we listen and when we refuse to listen.

He listens to us when we whine through the wires and play Him a pity me symphony.

And we need him more than want Him.  We like to think we want Him, but being human, our basic want is ourselves and our lives .

We whine through the wires, but like the Wichita lineman, God is still on the line.  He always will be singing in the wires of our cellphone, computers, and other technology that He gave us the brains to create.  We just need to listen to his song and answer it with our own. 


Help us listen and sing in the wires with and for YOU!