Tuesday Thoughts: He Grants Sleep to Those He Loves

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Tuesday Thoughts:  He Grants Sleep to Those He Loves

Psalm 127:2:  In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat— for he grants sleep to those he loves.

I read this verse and I have a confrontational conversation with God that goes something like this:  |” I don’t rise early in vain, I rise early sometimes in pain, and sometimes to gain. The pain involves the aches of getting older and the fact I do not want to get up just yet. The gain is to gain more hours in the day which does not have enough and the ones it does have get stretched to snapping like my tired temper at the end of the day. I cannot get sick or move into heaven until I have completed this list, I advise my Creator. Please create a version of me who does not need to sleep. I need more hours in the day!”

I toil for food, not as directly as I used to do so, but still enough to keep body, soul, and mind and working condition. I also toil for love of the task, love of family, friends, country, and most of all love of You! So why did you create me with the need to sleep?”

I continue my conversation by acknowledging to God that I understand the biological reasons for the necessity to sleep, but it seems like such a waste of time. Besides, sleep does not always come easy. Often, it is another task. My nights often are filled with memories, turmoil, regret, to do lists, anything but sleep. I can accomplish the same things by staying awake and trying to resolve them.

God, being used to my dramatics, does not send a thunderbolt in my direction. He listens in silence that stretches the way I try to stretch my days, until my mind’s ears are tuned to listening.

Images, like dreams, appear in my minds eye, but there is no activity in my mind’s ears. I see Jesus sleeping in the boat on the sea of Galilee during a raging storm and his frightened disciples shaking him awake. He did not stay asleep when he had a task to do. He woke up and rebuked the wind and waves sternly enough to stop them. “Peace be still.” 

My mind’s ears are back. “Doesn’t stillness suggest sleep and rest?

“Wind and waves suggest the turmoil and tasks of life,” I argue.

My mind’s ears:  Who helps you survive and sometimes even smile through the turmoil and tasks of life? Wasn’t He sleeping?

I argue: But an urgent need woke him up and kept him awake. He had to still a storm and calm his disciples. He had to heal people and show them His love.

My mind’s ears: He rested his soul and spirit in Me, and then he accomplished His mission on earth and in heaven. Would you try resting your soul in Me? Maybe the days will not need to be stretched or endured. There will be room for wonder and singing and more love. He loves You. He grants sleep to those He loves.

 He Grants sleep to those He loves. I am glad He loves me and the rest of his creation enough to allow us to sleep. God rested on the seventh day after He created the world and the creatures in it, including humans and including me.

I imagine I hear a “sleep well” as I fall sleep.