Tuesday Thoughts: Angel Aware

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”


Although the angel was grateful to Michelangelo for setting him free, he knew that Michelangelo did not create him.  He existed before Michelangelo, back to the beginning of creation when God breathed life into his nostrils and gave him the power and responsibility of guiding and comforting the humans he made “a little lower than angels.” Picture God and the angels carving and chiseling away at the negative parts of our human beings – the jealousy, selfishness, hatred, spitefulness, all of our sinful natures until we are set on the right path.

The angel has a tear running down his cheek because we humans are so blind and selfish at times and authors of our own destruction, God and the angels feel our pain and they feel their own pain at our folly, but they will not perform instant heavenly intervention.  They strive to guide us step by painful step to self-realization and improvement.  They carve our paths for us and work with us to set us free from our lesser selves and live closer to them. They set us free to love which sets us free.

Angels descending, bring from above,

Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.

Franny J. Crosby (from her hymn Blessed Assurance)

Alan Jackson, Blessed Assurance

Sometimes when we are not seeking or finding or listening to God, in spite of our heedless, busy selves we hear echoes of God’s mercy in the voices of others and in our own inner voices. We hear faint echoes of mercy when we ae merciful to others.

Angel wings whisper God’s love, even when we are not listening with our ears and only with half of our hearts.

“I Believe Friends are Quiet Angels who lift us to our Feet when our Wings have Trouble Remembering how to Fly.” ~ Lorraine K. Mitchell

Some friends don’t center your life with fanfare,

But when you really need them they are there,

Their hope and help make your heavy heart sing,

They lift you heaven high to meet angel wings.

“Some of the most beautiful things worth having in your life come wrapped in a crown of thorns.” – Shannon L. Alder

Angels appeared at the birth of Jesus, and to comfort him in the Garden of Gethsemane and at the cross. Angels proclaimed the news of his resurrection at His empty tomb. The most beautiful thing in the life of a Christian is Christ’s love and sacrifice for us.

The very word Angel means messenger. Angels are messengers of love and of the Divine. – Melanie Beckler

Angel, Angel Figure, Sculpture, Statue, Wing