Throw the Stones Away! An Easter Play!


Any number of children




Props: A large stone with a picture of Jesus or a boy sitting in a chair behind it.. An angel guards the front of the tomb.  A small pile of stones (sponges) sits beside and in front of the large stone. A large banner that says, “BUT WAIT” is propped up against the stones.  The children, who are dressed in robes Biblical style, pick up a small sponge stone and throw them at the large stone in front of the tomb.

Angel:  (Picking up sponge stone and throwing it back. Asking the boy who threw it) What does it say on your stone?

Boy:   ( Looking at stone) It says hatred.  Why can’t I hate?  It fills up my empty insides

Angel:  Jesus could have hated the people who killed Him, but he forgave them instead.

Boy:  How did He do that?

Angel:  God gave him love instead of hate.

Girl:  Why would God give him love?

Angel:  Jesus is God’s son and God loves Him.  God and Jesus sent their love to the world and all of the people in it.

Girl:  (Throwing another sponge rock) Here’s another stone for you!

Angel:  What does your stone say?

Girl:  (Looking at stone) My stone says believe. What does that mean?

Angel:  It means that if you believe in Jesus you will have love in your heart instead of hatred.

Boy:  (Throwing sponge stone and hitting angel)

Angel:  Ow! (rubbing arm)

Boy:  Now tell me how much you love me. Now tell me how much Jesus loves me!

Angel:  Here’s how much Jesus loves you.

Song: (To the tune of Michael Row the Boat Ashore)

Jesus loves you deep and wide, hallelujah!

He loves you outside and inside, hallelujah!

Audience:    BUT WAIT-

If  Jesus loves us in spite of our sin,

Why are you throwing stones at him?

Girl: I want to meet Him.  Is He sitting behind that big stone?

Boy:  Let’s throw all of our stones at him.  Then he’ll come out!

2md Girl:  Let’s play something else.  I don’t want to throw anymore stones. Jesus doesn’t want to talk to us.  He can’t help us.

All of the children throw their stones until the stones are gone.

Audience:    BUT WAIT-

You have to hear about Easter.

Children:  (Holding out their empty hands)

                   All of our stones are aloft,

                   All of our stones both hard and soft,

                   Our hands are empty it’s sad but true

                   Angel, please tell us what to do.

ANGEL:     Look for Jesus.

CHILDREN:        We can’t look for Jesus.

ANGEL:     Why not?

CHILDREN:        We have no way to get to the city or General Motors.  That’s where you find Jesus.

ANGEL:     Why do you think Jesus is in a city or General Motors?

CHILDREN:        He’s a boss, isn’t He?

AUDIENCE:        But wait.

ANGEL:     Look inside this tomb.

CHILDREN:        Tomb! Is he really  dead?

ANGEL:     The Romans crucified him and he is dead and buried in that tomb you have been throwing rocks at.

CHILDREN:        All cry.

CHILD:       He can’t be dead! What will happen to the world?

ANGEL:     Help me roll the stone away and you will find out.

CHILDREN:        (Roll up their sleeves and push against the stone.  It doesn’t move.)

CHILDREN:        Angel, you said you would help us.

ANGEL:     Try again.  (The children push against the stone and the angel and Jesus push harder. The children all sprawl on the ground.  The angel and Jesus move the stone away from the entrance to the tomb.)

CHILDREN:        We did it! We moved the stone all by ourselves!

Angel holds audience sign:

AUDIENCE:        But wait.

ANGEL:     All by yourselves? Think about that.

CHILDREN:        Jesus, please come out if you’re in there.

JESUS:       (Walks out of the tomb and sits down on the stone that covered it.)

CHILDREN:        He’s alive!  He’s here!                       

                   (To the tune of Michael Row the Boat Ashore)

                   God rolled the stone away, Hallelujah!

                   For his son on Easter day, Hallelujah!

                    We pushed and tugged on that big stone

                   But we couldn’t move it alone.

                   God’s stronger than any stone, Hallelujah!

                     He’s bigger than any tomb, Hallelujah!

                   His great love covers the earth

                   Spreads across the universe.

                   God rolled the stone away,

                   For his son on Easter day,

                   He helps us with all of our stones,

                   We never have to move stones alone!

                   He helps us with all of our stones

                   We never have to move stones alone!

But wait! Stop and thank Jesus for Easter!