The Messenger: Kingsville Presbyterian Church May 2020 Newsletter

“He makes the winds His messengers”…Psalm 104:4

May 2020

Perspectives from Pastor Bill

Dear Friends in Christ,

I read an interesting article recently that talked about the lessons we have learned from the Covid-19 outbreak. Here is their list of ten.

1. You should be willing to trade some of your freedom for the greater good of the public.

2. You should wash your hands, whether or not there’s a virus.

3. Working from home should be an option for many.

4. Taking that sick day could save lives.

5. The Internet should be a basic right

6. Doctors and researchers need to be paid better

7. Everyone should know how to cook

8. The importance of talking to friends every day

9. Learn to appreciate nature

10. Learn how to be content alone

I think they all make sense and I have probably experienced all of them one way or another. Though, I will admit to complaining about some of them.

I would also like to consider what lessons we, as a church, should learn during this time. So here is my list of ten.

1.     We should always keep in touch. You do not have to be face to face

2.     It is important to support one another through a time of need

3.     We must continue to make ourselves available to the community

4.     A situation such as this is not a time for the church to shut down. If anything, it is a time to step it up

5.     A phone call can lift someone’s day

6.     The USPS still exists

7.     The internet is an amazing way to worship together and find all kinds of other tidbits. It is also a way to reach others

8.     Social distancing is necessary. We did the right thing not having physical gatherings

9.     Always remember the importance of family and friends

10. It is still all about God

Most importantly this is a good reminder that the church is not those four walls. Church happens wherever believers gather to do the work of the Lord.

This is also a perfect time to look at our ministry and mission to be sure that we are carrying out God’s charge. Are we truly welcoming? Are we serving the community? Are we sharing the Good News of the Gospel to all those who seek to know the Lord?

I hope we have learned the lessons. God is counting on us.

Be safe and stay healthy until we meet again.

Pastor Bill

A Coronoa Virus Prayer

Loving God,

You are the ultimate Healer.

We come before You to pray for those infected with this virus. We  pray for all of the doctors, nurses, family members, and friends who are providing care for the sick.

We pray for the safety and health of all of the workers who are keeping our communities running. We pray for all who are struggling with the anxiety of change and isolation. Provide them with assurance that things will be okay.

We pray for all who are concerned about becoming infected. Help them to know that they can remain safe and healthy.

Lord, please guide the researchers in developing a vaccine an cure to eradicate this virus.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Sunday School News from the Sunday School Puppets

In September 1918, Mary, her brother Ben, and Mama find themselves under quarantine because of the Spanish flu. What did they do when they found Fury Pal and wanted to keep him after the quarantine was over? 



Happy Birthday Ralph Volk: A Birthday Celebration Despite the Corona Virus

Ralph Volk Celebrates his 90th Birthday

Ralph’s wife Jan writes:  I had originally planned a party for about 60 people at a local Party Center but of course, had to cancel.  My daughter-in-law suggested a card party which turned out to be just excellent.  When I notified his buddy at The Bait Store in Conneaut, he Immediately notified all his other fishing buddies.  He received several phone calls from those wintering in FL.  He received about 65 B-day cards over a period, which inspired him to await the daily mailman.  His buddy at the Bait Store accidently gave out the wrong house number and our local Post Office sent them (about 10) out anyway which never happens. They are normally sent back to sender. 

Our granddaughter and family dropped off a gift at the door and then stayed in driveway and called Grandpa from their car with speaker phones.  They had long conversation.  Other son delivered fish dinners from Hil-Maks with ice cream cake from Dairy Queen so I did not have to cook (nor do dishes). 

He received many cards from Church friends andI definitely want to say a huge THANK YOU to all who sent cards. He was getting “down” because he did not go to the Bait Store every day like usual and this whole thing really perked him up. want to say a huge THANK YOU to all who sent cards.  It meant so much to him.  Jan Volk

May Birthdays

Colleen Lewis, 6 James Lopshire, 6, Samantha Olson, 9, Jonathon Lewis, 15, Jared Schwotzer, 15, Stacy Urch Lopshire, 17, Karelyn DiGasbarro, 18, Garrett Newbold, 21, Loren Stevens, 24, Burton Mills, 24, Red Robishaw, Jr., 27. Kara Lewis, 27, Jason Blenman, 28

May Anniversaries

Dick and Carol Glotzbecker, 10 David and Janet Lake, 31.

Do You Remember? A Bulletin from Way Back When


Catch the Spirit

According to her friends and family, Nadine Moroski had a habit of keeping treasures from the church and elsewhere. She gave Kingsville Presbyterian Church a treasure trove of our past if we use it creatively instead of tucking things away in storage and in our memory. One way we can use the old bulletins, and there is a stack of them, is to read them and compare what we were doing then to what we are doing now. What have we gained and what have we lost with time? And, there are smiles lurking as we remember people that were and still are dear to us.  Here is the Kingsville Presbyterian Church bulletin from May 7, 1995, the first Sunday that Reverend Helen Dekker began her service as Interim Pastor. 

Lord, may we use this bulletin as a meditation of time past, time present, and time yet to come.

Kingsville Presbyterian Church

May 7, 1995

Organ Meditation                                             Lighting of the Candles

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 118:2

We Praise the Lord

Choral Introit

The Call to Worship

Leader:  A new day has dawned. God’s gift of life is renewed in you and me.

People:  Praise God for today! Praise God for the creative spirit in our midst.

Leader:  Be still and know that God is here Let the Spirit in.

People:  We are ready to pray and think and rejoice. We are ready to hear God’s word.

Leader:  Then listen and respond to God, who meets u in new ways and in different sounds, today in worship, and every day in the world.

People: Come to us, O God, and guide our worship. Speak, speak to us the Word we need, and let that Word change us and empower us to be your people. Amen.

Hymn of Praise:  27- Let the Whole Creation Cry

We Confess Our Sins

Call to Confession

Unison Prayer of Confession

The spirit calls each of us, but we are often reluctant to heed the call. The wind of the Spirit blows, at times fiercely, and draws us onward. Yet, we cling to the fragile familiarities, to securities, and to safety. Help us to risk letting go, to stand free as your servant people. Help us to capture visions of the future, so that we can truly be the hurch. We ask this in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Silent Prayer of Confession

Kyrie (congregation in unison)

Lord, have mercy upon us,

Christ, Have mercy upon us.

Lord, have mercy upon us.

Words of Assurance

The good news is that Go forgives us and gives us Christ to be living water and true bread. Let us accept with joy these precious gifts of abundant life. Amen.

Leader:  Friends, believe the Good News of the Gospel.

People:  In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Gloria Patri

We Share with One Another

Minute for Mission

The Anthem                  Love Divine               Roger Wilson

A Time for Our Children

Presentation of Our Offerings



Prayer of Dedication

(Children may go to the nursery)

We Pray Together

Announcements and Prayer Concerns

The Pastoral Prayer and Spoken Prayers of the People

The Lord’s Prayer

Prayer Hymn:  223  God Hath Spoken by His Prophets

We Study Together

Old Testament Lesson            Ezekiel 37:1-14 (p. 764)

New Testament Lesson           1 John 4: 7-12 ( p. 223_

Leader:  This is the Word of the Lord.

People:  Thanks be to God.

Sermon:  Come, Spirit Come


We trust in God the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of life, who sets us free and binds us together as one body of Christ, one church the communion of saints. The same Spirit who inspired prophets and apostles still speaks through Scripture read and proclaimed, washes us in living water, feeds us with the bread of life, and calls both women and men to all the ministries of the church. Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, Amen.

We Go Forth to Serve

Closing Hymn     187  Breathe on Me, Breath of God

The Benediction

Choral Response  “Prayer of Dedication”

Candles are Extinguished

Organ Postlude

Announcements May 7, 1995

Prayer List                                                

Bill Runyan

Jean Plants

Viola Carle

Lynne Bresciani-Neill

Donna Wentiak and family

Keith Flack

Ken Mead

Chuck Hawn

Shut Ins

Laura Blakeslee

Margaret Watkins

Stella Simmons

Ernest Fiala

Julia Shellhammer

Peaches Newbold

Jennie Hinkle

Today, we welcome Reverend Helen Dekker as our Interim Pastor.

Today after worship we will hold our final self study meeting. If you have not yet attended one of these meetings, please plan to stay.

Today, Men of Praise and The Starlighters will present a Spring Concert this evening 7 pm. at the First United Methodist Church, Elm Avenue, Ashtabula.

Monday May 8, 7:00 PM. Deacons will meet.

Wednesday, May 10, 7:00 PM. Session will meet.

Friday May 12, 11AM- 1 PM. Community Soup Lunch. This month the soups are vegetable beef or Ham & Bean.

Sunday, May 14. Mother’s Day. A Rigatoni Dinner will be held in our Fellowship Hall sponsored by Kingsville Elementary School 6th grade. 12 noon to 4PM. Pries are:  adults $3.50, students K-6th grade $2.50 preschool age is free.

Monday, May 15th, 9:30 AM. Sone help is needed to help set up tables in the Fellowship Hall for the Mother/Daughter Banquet.

Monday, May 15 6:30 PM. Mother/Daughter Salad Supper will be held in the Fellowship Hall. Bev Newbold will provide entertainment. All ladies invited!

Sunday, May 21, 3 PM. We will have a Public Reception for Reverend Helen Dekker.


Read the full story by Carl E. Feather here on our church website.

The church and community received a glorious, hallelujah blessing Sunday afternoon at the musical performance of the much loved Christian hymns. May God bless each one who had a part in this. Doug Herl, Judy Yusko, Beverly Newbold, Evelyn Robishaw, Bob Keller, Bill Daywalt and to Gene Moroski, as he played his digital piano and presented this program to an overflowing number of joyous people. A standing ovation was given at the intermission and again at the finale. We were truly blessed. Praise the Lord! In Christian Love, Ginny Keller

Saturday, May 20. Kingsville Library Lawn Sale. Help is needed for our booth which will be selling geraniums.

Financial update: received in the collection April 30, $1,888.25.

Flower Power

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