Strong and Steadfast in the Spirit: Kingsville Presbyterian Church and Its Community, Chapter Five, 1950-1960

Chapter Five- 1950-1960

Community and Church, Congregations and Citizens

Ruth Robison and Her Prize Show Sheep


“Missy Robison,” one of Ruth’s prize Shropshire ewes.  Ruth Robison traveled 9,000 miles to attend shows. Last year in Toledo she Missy and Ruth Robison won best in show against 11 other breeds. Ruth began breeding Shropshire sheep as a hobby 20 years ago and she has won bushels of prize ribbons and most of the coveted awards from the American Shropshire Registry Association. The demans for sheep from her farm for breeding is so great that she has a hard time keeping up with the orders.  There are 125 Shropshire sheep on the 75-acre Robison frm, 20 of them always trimmed ad groomed ready for a show.  A former schoolteacher, she never lived on a farm until she married Harold Robison.

Mrs. Robison’s day begins at daybreak and frequently ends after midnight. From March to May during the lambing season, she works far into the early morning hours. Her husband helps with the heavy work. The Robisons also raise turkeys for retail sale.


On the board of directors of the Ohio Farm Bureau, Ruth is in great demand as a speaker. Her popularity increased since her trip in October 1946, to the International Co-Operative Alliance in Switzerland as the only woman delegate to its first postwar meeting.

Kingsville Country Cousin Visits Cleveland

In October 1953, Kingsville resident Mrs. Harold Robinson of Kingsville presented a program at the Federation of Women’s Clubs of Greater Cleveland. Mrs. Robinson reported on the International Co-operative Conference that she attended in Paris.

A graduate of Columbia University, Ruth Robinson taught school for a time. She is the first Ohio woman to serve on a county farm bureau cooperative board, representing the Ohio Farm Bureau on the Board of the Cooperative League of the United States.

She has won top awards during the past twenty years for the Shropshire sheep she and her husband Harold, raise on their farm in Kingsville.[1]

Mrs. Harold Robison, South Ridge East, is attending the U.S. National Commission of United Nations Economics Social Organization Conference as an official delegate.

The conference being held in San Francisco opened Tuesday and will continue through Saturday.

Mrs. Robison was appointed a member of the U.S. Commission by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.


Reverend Samuel Harris and his wife Margaret and their children (left to right), Tim, Jeff and Peggy Lee, 1956.

February 1958:  Kingsville Presbyterian Women’s Association Meeting

Miss Kitty Doedyns, an exchange student from the Netherlands, was guest speaker at the Kingsville Presbyterian Women’s Association meeting held Monday night at the church. Miss Doedyns described the people and customs in Holland, its educational system and government.

Election of officers was held preceding the program and the following were elected:

Mrs. Harold Robison president; Mrs. Kenneth Allen, vice president; Mrs. William Loomis, secretary; Mrs. Gene Moroski, treasurer; Mrs. John Keller, finance chairman; Mrs. Paul DeGroodt, fellowship; Mrs John O’Bell, world service.

Mrs. Donald Bowdler, program; Mrs. Howard Blenman, local service, and Mrs. August Braunbeck, morning circle. Two members elected to be nominating were Miss Ruth Bugby and Mrs. Wallace Brocklehurst.

The group approved recommendations to complete sewing assignments and to have each association member bring a guest to circle meetings. Circles will meet again on May 9. The next association meeting will be in September.

Serving as hostesses were Mrs. John Keller, Mrs. Joseph Webster, and Mrs. Howard Blenman.

Kingsville Presbyterian Women’s Association Installs Officers

Installation of officers was held Monday night when the Women’s Association of the Presbyterian Church met at the Fellowship Hall. Installing officer was the Reverend John Eakin. Installed were vice-president, Mrs. Harold Robison; secretary, Mrs. Irwin Loomis; program chariman, Mrs. Wallace Brocklehurst; world service chairman, Mrs. John O’Bell; local service chairman, Mrs. William Runyan; finance chairman, Mrs. Georgia Keller, and fellowship chairman, Mrs. E. Mumaw.

New circle chairmen are Mrs. Joseph Webster, Mrs. Georgia Keller, and Miss Ruth Bugby.

The group voted to send $25.00 to the Loehlins, the church missionaries.

Plans were made for a Christmas program on Family Night, December 23. Announcement was made of the cancellation of sewing days on the third Thursday of the month.

Mrs. Harold Robison led the program following the business meeting. Her topics – international relations, race relations, and separation of church and state affairs – were taken from the “Minutes of the 172nd General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church. A committee served refreshments.




The Annual Report to the Congregation of the Kingsville Presbyterian Church, 1958


To the people who have made our church a place for worship, for Christian education, for loving service to the community and to the world, we do dedicate this annual Report for 1959.

A Look at the Officers Who Have Served Our Church in 1958

The Session

Rev. John L. Eakin, Moderator

Gordon Jewell, Clerk of Session

Donald Bowdler    Morris Bugby   Paul DeGroodt    Floyd Redman

Frank Bowdler      Nels Carlson   Ralph Robishaw    Ronald Derry

Robert Keller     August Braunbeck      Lynn Sprague

The Board of Deacons

Rev. John L. Eakin, Moderator       Dorothy Bowdler, Secretary-Treasurer

Eula Jane Allen           Ann O’Bell      Boniver Parker    Leona Keller

Donna Lu Miller     Bessie Ogren        Donna Mentink     Lucile Webster

Marguerite Braunbeck       Elizabeth Huey     Henrietta Bradley

The Board of Trustees

Ralph Robishaw, President                            Emma Howe, Secretary

Arnold Carlson     Eleanor Carlson   Basil Nichols Joseph Webster

Dean Laugen    Clarence Miller     Russell Wentink

Other Church Officers

Gene Moroski, Choir Director

Organists – John O’Bell       Johnette Eakin       Marilyn Marr

Finance Secretary. Robert Keller

Asst. Fin Sec.  Viola Carle

Church Treasurer   Kenneth Allen

Canvasss Director   Paul DeGroodt

Head Usher August Braunbeck

Custodian    Paul DeGrott

Auditors Val Manwaring   Miriam Day Hellen Perry

Seen by the Session   Discerned by the Deacons    Beheld by the Board of Trustees

The facts found on these two pages are gleaned from the records of the Session, the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Deacons. These are the things that these three groups have seen happen in the church in 1958.

The first big event in the life of the church this year was the invitation from the Board of Foreign Missions to our pastor to be the companion and interpreter for Reverend Puang Akkapin, moderator of the Church of Christ in Thailand.  Before plans were complete for this work, a great many letters were passed back and forth. We were given the opportunity to have Reverend Peter Latuihamallo from Indonesia as interim minister during Reverend Eakin’s absence.

The Board paid $250 to the church to help us in having Peter come. The church, on the other hand, paid him $15 a Sunday for the five Sundays he was here. For the other two Sundays that our pastor was going to be away, the Session arranged through its Spiritual Life Committee to have Mr. Richard Olsson and Mr. Richard Rose lead our services.

Thus, we gave our pastor to serve the ecumenical church for a season, and the ecumenical church served us through the three men who came to us during the time he was gone. The Manwarings enjoyed Peter as a guest in their home while he was here. Nels Carlson gave him many a ride in his Cadillac, with the hope that he might pass his examination and get his driver’s license while he was here, a plan that did not pan out. Peter failed, but he certainly did not fail otherwise.

There were other less important events that might be mentioned. The Bible School held during the summer in cooperation with the Baptist Church was most successful. The enrollment was 102, of which 65 were from our church. The whole cost to us was $13.

Twenty-new members were received into the church during the y ear. The Communicants Class, 13 in number, was an exceptional one in many ways. The Gerald Ludwigs were received into our membership at a service in their home. Mrs. Ludwig is a victim of polio and could not come to the church to be received. The service in the home was a happy experience for those who attended.

Worldwide Communion in October hit a new high in attendance. It was gratifying to have 210 of our members partaking of the Communion on this Sunday, 54 percent of our membership currently. Much credit should be given the Deacons for the success of this. These twelve women visited all the homes and urged our members to attend. The Deacons are also responsible for preparing the Communion Table each time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

The attendance at the worship services this year was not as high as it was last year. The average attendance for the year dropped from 135 to 127. The Deacons planned the worship services on Mother’s Day and the Session the service on Layman’s Sunday.

The second big event in the life of church was the beginning of the task of renovating the Parish House. This project has required much time on the part of the Session and the Board of Trustees. Much preliminary work had to be done – the surveying of the and, the purchase of the tract of land to the north from Frances Bowdler. A small strip on the north was also given to us by Richard Rose W are endeavoring to straighten the line between the church and the O’Bells. The two boards were given the task of appointing the permanent building committee. Now that committee has carried out its task in a fine way. The building has been moved to its new location on the land we bought. A great deal of the work of transforming the building into one that will have two floors, giving us a lot of additional room, is well on its way to completion. It will be a great day when we move in again.

It was worthwhile to have become incorporated as a non-profit corporation this year, so that the Trustees now have full authority to do business for the church. More insurance has been taken out on all the buildings, as well as liability insurance and temporary insurance on the Parish House while it was being moved. Repairs for this year consisted of some papering and painting in the manse, the purchase of a new coil for the stove there, reconditioning the typewriter in the office and putting new eave spouting on the church.

Some memorial gifts have been purchased- carpeting for the platform, a light over the bulletin board in the vestibule, new flag poles, stands and crests. The large balance in the Memorial Fund, $197.85. is being saved to obtain equipment that will beautify our new building and make it more useful.

Here is a summary of membership for 1958 as reported to Presbytery. Total membership January 1- 385. Added on profession and reaffirmation of faith – 24. Added by certificate – 5. Removal by certificate – 7.  Deaths – 7. Other removals -1. Total membership December 31- 399. Infant Baptisms – 11. Adult Baptisms- 7. Sunday School Members-317.

A Look at the Sunday School

Our Sunday School attendance expanded again during 1958. Furthermore, despite the problems involved in enlarging and renovating the old Parish House. the Sunday School has continued to function with classes for all age groups. This performance was possible only because our Primary, Kindergarten, and Nursery Departments were permitted to use the Happy Hearts School. Enrollment and attendance averages for the year 1958 were as follows:

Enrollment      Attendance The Cradle Roll    Under three years old                          50

Nursery Depart.         three years old                                12                      8

Kindergarten Dept.    4-5 years old                                   30                     24

Primary Dept.             6-8 years old                                  60                      45

Junior Dept.                9-11 years old                                 50                      31

Junior High Dept.       12-14 years old                               39                      24

Senior High Dept.       15-17 years old                               15                      12

Adult Dept.                                                                         28                       19

Teachers in all Departments                                               33                       33


Totals                                                                                    317                     196


The Sunday School teachers and pupils are looking forward with great anticipation to the time when the new “Fellowship Hall” will be ready to house a substantial part of our growing Sunday School. The improved facilities will do more than create a pleasant environment for the Sunday School. They will also add greatly to the effectiveness of the teaching program and will enable us to handle the enlarged enrollment which is certain to come our way during the next few years.

The Report of the Sunday School Treasurer

Receipts                                                            Expenditures


Balance, January 1, 1958    $297.04                Supplies                      $687.34

Collections                            739.03                Benevolences                113.00

Youth Budget Receipts           55.00                Training School             128.00

White Gift Offering                 63.00                Other Expenses                31.05

Other receipts                           12.40             Balance Dec. 31, 1958       207.08


Totals                              $1166.47                                                      $1166.47


A Glimpse of the Youth Council

The whole program for young people in our church is headed up in the Youth Council, nine young people, and the Finance Secretary of Youth Budget.  Those serving this year were: Beverly Herl, Jean Davis, Marilyn Simmons, John Konnart, Norman Herl, Dick Sherwood, Janice Huey, Don O’Neil, Patty Wentlink and Kenny Carle.

The first project carried out by the Council was serving the Easter Breakfast Advisers who helped this year were Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brocklehurts. Members of the Youth Council and other volunteers set the tables, served the food, and cleaned up afterwards.

The second project was the Ice Cream Social held late in August. The evening of the social, many people came, and the money made was added to the Camp and Conference Funds All thought the summer, young people were going to various camps and conferences. The cost of sending them came to $334. The funds already received, even with gifts from any friends, were insufficient to pay all.  Parents of campers were asked to give more help. Youth Budget balances finally made up the amount still lacking. We are glad that so many had a chance to go. On New Year’s Eve, the annual meeting of all young people took place. A new Youth Council was elected and the budget for next year approved.

Church Support                            40.00      Youth Work in Presbytery      20.00

Sunday School Support                80.00

Youth Fellowships                       25.00       to stake out

Camps and Conferences           100.00         24 claims in 8 areas                240.00

Youth Council Expense           15.00


$260.00                                                          $260.00


Here is the report of the Finance Secretary for Youth Budget for 1958:

Receipts                                                                   Expenditures


Balance, Jan. 1, 1958          $59.52                  Church and Sunday School      $120

Received in Envelopes        462.92                     Youth Fellowships                 55.00

Received from Ice Cream

Social and Gifts                   210.64                  Camps and Conferences         334.00

Approp. Benevolences             240.00

Error Correction                   14.48                   Balance, Dec. 31, 1958              6.56


Totals                               $755.56                                                              $755.56


Look! Something New Has Been Established!

On April 28, 1958, the Women’s Association of our church came into being, and the former Women’s Guild was dissolved. (This new organization follows the format suggested for all United Presbyterian Churches and approved by the General Assembly at our church.) The women of the church met on that day and, using the Association Chart, formed the framework of the organization. Officers were elected, committees appointed, departments formed, and names were drawn for the members of the six circles. Then circle officers and chairmen were selected. Thus, the Women’s Association became a vital part of the total program of our church.

Shortly after this, a Constitution and a set of bylaws was composed. These were sent to the Session for study with the request that Session approval be given so that the Women’s Association might be the authorized organization for the women of our church.

After gaining Session approval, these documents were sent to the circles for further study and discussion. Then, at the second Association meeting in September, they were approved and became the rules governing the life and work of the association. This organization meets four times a year on the 45th Monday of January, April, September, and November.

The six circles decided that they would meet on the second Thursday of each month, two meetings in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two in the evening. Here are the circles and their chairmen:

Meeting at 9:30 a.m.               The Deborah Circle              Mrs. Donald Bowdler

The Miriam Circle               Mrs. William E. Loomis

Meeting at 1:00 p.m.               The Rebecca Circle        Mrs. Wallace Brocklehurst

The Ruth Circle                    Mrs. Howard Blenman

Meeting at 8:00 p.m.               The Martha Circle                Mrs. Russell Wentink

The Phoebe Circle              Mrs. William Runyan

Since it is the purpose the Association to build up the spiritual life of its members, the circles are studying the book of Acts.


Behold! the Association is Growing Strong!

The following projects have been promoted:

  • A delegate, Bertha Brocklehurst, was sent at Association expense, to the Ohio Synod Leadership Training School held in Wooster in July.
  • A truck load of used clothing and other items was taken to Garden Valley Community Center in Cleveland last summer.
  • A 39-pound package of used clothing was sent to St James Island in South Carolina the first of December.
  • A “Christmas for Others” package valued at $82.00 was sent to St. James Island at Christmas time.
  • A $150 pledge for the year was made by the Association in October to meet its various benevolent obligations.
  • “Take Home Supper” was held November 15 in the Green Room. This was a great success, netting a profit of $71.29. The money received at this supper is to be saved to help pay for repairing and painting the two rooms back of the Sanctuary, cleaning the drapes, and patching the old linoleum in the Green Room and buying new linoleum for the other room. This project is still uncompleted.
  • New drapes for the second room are in the process of being made.
  • Several cleaning days were held recently. The Sanctuary and both the back rooms benefitted exceedingly from this work.

Financial Statement of the Women’s Association

Balance, Jan. 1, 1958          189.75          Women’s Presbyterial     31.90

Circle collections                132.76            Asia Project                     40.00

Tax Stamps                           62.07           Garden Valley Center     124.81

Profit from dinners             159.29             Books                                54.24

Miscellaneous Receipts        40.80            Delegate to Wooster          32.00

Postage                  18.90

Miscellaneous Expense      180.11

Balance, Dec. 31, 1958     102.72

Totals              584.68                                                                584.68


A Glance at the Continuing Classes

After the formation of the Women’s Association in April, the three classes wished to continue their meetings. So, to the report on the Association an its circles must be added a report of the doings of these classes to complete the picture of what our women are accomplishing in the life of the church.

The Mother’s Class had programs on segregation and race prejudice, studied the book of Luke, and enjoyed Miss Marguerite Bugby’s pictorial report on her work in India. Gifts and cards were sent to all the ladies in the County Home on their birthdays. Donations were given to the Bible Club work, to Rev. and Mrs. Wichean Watakeecharoan, the CARE, and the camping program of the church. Out of a total of $248 spent, $141 was benevolence giving. The class has $241.56 in the bank and $35.54 cash on hand at the close of the year.

The Sunshine Class has enjoyed a series of talks on different subjects in the Bible by Mrs. Emily Miller at each monthly meeting. During the year, a gift of cards and games was sent to a shut-in-child and a basket was given to a needy family at Thanksgiving time. To raise extra money the class has been selling kitchen towels. It also served one wedding reception. Over $800 is deposited in the bank, ear-marked for kitchen equipment for the new building.  A steam table and coffee urn have already been ordered. The total receipts for this year came to $171.64 of which only $46.80 was spent Cash on hand amounts to $24.64 as the year ends.

The Priscilla Class, meeting bi-monthly since the Association came into existence, studied the book “Meet Dr. Luke” and discussed race prejudice. A white elephant sale was held during the year. Money was donated to the church’s flower fund. $25 was given to one needy family and goods and clothing were sent to another as a Christmas project. Out of a total of $33.67 received, $28 was spent for benevolences. a cash balance amounting to $17.38 is left at the end of the year.

Seen from the Pastor’s Pulpit    

No report can be very comprehensive when it must be squeezed into 12 pages. Many things that we all would like to see published here had to be left out Yet, they will not be wholly forgotten for they are written down in the records of the various organizations and boards of the church.

As your minister, I would like to note down a few matters that will not be found in any records. They are small services that are performed for the church without any fanfare. Few know anything about them.

When your minister was away last summer, Janet Brown and Jean Davis took over the responsibility of printing the bulletins. They did an excellent job. Quietly, Sunday after Sunday, Ann O’Bell and her committee see to it that there are some flowers or other decorations in the sanctuary to adorn the center of worship.

Floyd Redman has spent a lot of time fixing up the choir chairs, redoing the old pulpit into a repository for the communion equipment and a resting place for our Book of Abiding Memorials. He is now repairing a table that has been broken for some time.

Paul DeGroodt sees to it that a short, meaningful sentence is placed on the bulletin board in the vestibule that we may be reminded when we enter the sanctuary as to why we are there.

Eula Jane Allen has been responsible for writing up the memorials in the Book of Abiding Memorials these past two years. Many women have worked at the job of cleaning the church Many men have worked on Saturdays to make the remodeling of the Parish House less expensive.

Thus, in quiet ways many people serve their church, through the choir, through the Sunday School, on the various boards. There are officers who give many hours a week in work for the church. There are unknown Christians who offer a sincere prayer for the church and i9ts leaders. Both are serving their Lord. These people do not want public recognition, but we want them to know their service is appreciated.

Reverend John Eakin

A View of Church Finances

Church Treasurer’s Report


January 1, 1958…. Cash balance on hand                                 $1,144.41

Received for church support                                                          11,277.37

Allocated Receipts

One great hour of sharing                       $284.47

Foreign Mission Board for Rev. Peter     250.00

From Building Fund for buying land       350.00

For C.R.O.P.                                               10.00

From Youth Budget Givers                      807.62

Memorial fund gifts                                  185.62

To be used in the flower fund                        3.00                  Total 1,890.71

Total Received by the Church Treasurer                                    $14,312.49


Disbursements                                          Budget                   Actual

Our World Mission                               $2,880.00                $2,880.00

Our Pastoral Ministry                             5,120.00                  5,109.64

Our Worship and Service                       1,250.00                   1,168.54

Our Church Home                                  2,550.00            2,497.72 Total $11,655.90

Allocated Disbursements

One Great Hour of Sharing                                             $284.47

Youth Budget Disbursements                                            819.90

Memorial Fund Purchases                                                  178.19

Sent to C.R.O.P.                                                                    10.00

Paid to Rev. Peter from Board                                            250.00

Purchase of land                                                                  350.00 Total $1,892.56

Total disbursed by Church Treasurer                                 $13,548.46


Balances              December 31, 1958

In General Fund                                                   $527.62

In Youth Budget                                                         6.56

In the Memorial Fund                                            197.85

In the Flower Fund                                                   15.00

In the Book Binding Fund                                        17.00    Total $764.03

The Budget for 1959

Total $12,000

Our Worldwide Mission

Presbytery Extension              $385

Beaver Valley Camp                   97

Synod Benevolences                 300

General Assembly Benevs.     1680



Our Worship and Service

Worship and Music                        $250

Office and Finance                           300

Telephone and Other                        200

Presbyterian Life                               250

Presbytery Dues                                330




Our Pastoral Ministry

Minister’s Salary                          $4,200

Pension                                               433

Car Allowance                                    400

Supply Ministers                                   75




Our Church Home

Repairs                                          $500

Fuel and Electricity                       1,460

Taxes and Insurance                          300

Custodian                                           720

Miscellaneous Supplies                        70




Some Goals to Think About

The session has set up a program in which each elder has a list of 14 out of a total of 168 member-homes in the area. Elders will visit these homes in behalf of the church during the next year. The deacons are also hoping to keep in closer touch with our members next year.

We hope to add 35 new members to our roll during 1959. We would like to attain an average attendance of 140 at the Sunday Worship Service. And it would be wonderful if we could have an average attendance that would reach 185 in Sunday School after we are in our new building.

Nomination for Church Leadership

For the Congregational Meeting

To the Session for three years:

Kenneth Carle, Arnold Carlson, William Kennert, Val Manwaring

To the Board of Deacons for three years:

Bertha Brocklehurst, Helen Mead, May Louise Hadlock, Marjorie Webster

As Head Usher for one Year:  Russell Wentink

As Superintendent of the Sunday School until Oct. 1, then Assistant:  James Dawson

As Assistant Superintendent until Oct. 1, then Superintendent: Marguerite Braunbeck

As Secretary of the Sunday School:  Richard Sherwood

As Treasurer of the Sunday School:  Viola Carle

As Superintendent of the Primary Department: Mildred DeGroodt

As Secretary of the Primary Department:  Joan Davis

For the Corporation Meeting

To the Board of Trustees for three years:  Wallace Brocklehurst, Miriam Day, Earl Kister.

To be Finance Secretary for three years:

Virginia Keller

To be Assistant Finance Secretary for three years:

Aline Derry

As Director of Every Member Enlistments:

Paul DeGroodt

As Auditor for one year:

Morris Bugby, Lynn Sprague, Virgie Sunbury



  • Ashtabula Star Beacon, Monday, February 6, 1958

Group Hears Indian Topic

“If You Were an Indian: was the program topic Wednesday night for the Priscilla Class of Kingsville Presbyterian Church. Hostess was Mrs. Gene Moroski. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Kenneth Allen, Mrs. Dallas Allen, and Mrs. Robert Hill.

Ways and means of making money were discussed.

Mrs. Burton Mills will entertain the group in March, when a white elephant sale will be held.

  • Kingsville Presbyterians Elect Staff, Hear Reports

The session – Lynn Sprague, Ronald Derry, Morris Bugby, Robert Keller, Gordon Jewell, Donald Bowdler, August Braunbeck. This increases the number on the Session to 12.

Board of Deacons- Dorothy Bowdler, Leona Keller, Donna Wentink, Bonivere Parker.

Sunday School Officers – James Dawson, superintendent; John O’Bell, secretary; William Konnert, treasurer; primary department superintendent, Mildred DeGroodt; primary department secretary, Joan Davis.

Head usher- August Braunbeck

Trustees – Joseph Webster, Jr.; De Laugen, Russell Wentink, Clarence Miller

Visitation Director – Paul DeGroodt

Auditors – Val Manwaring, Miriam Day, Hellen Perry

Lynn Sprague, chairman of the Building Committee presented tentative plans drawn up by the committee. A discussion period followed.

After the regular business meeting, the Reverend John Eakin showed colored slides of the church buildings, interior and exterior, the grounds, and various church activities and social gatherings in progress, including weddings, and receptions that had taken place during the past year.

Church Members Oversubscribe Building Goal

Aided by an every-member canvass, the Kingsville Presbyterian Church has over subscribed its building fund goal.

After months of preparations, the church is ready to launch plans for expanding facilities. The goal had been set at $30,000. However, about $40,000 has been promised by the membership.

The every-member canvass goal was $10,500, and pledges received covered the rest.

Definite plans as to what form the improvement will take have not been made. A committee to study the possibilities has been named, and it will report soon.

Director of the fund-raising campaign was Grier R. Baynum, of the fund-raising department of the National Missions of the Presbyterian Church.

Local workers were headed by Kenneth Carle and Charles Pryor. Committee members included James Dawson, Nels Carlson, Arnold Carlson, Paul De Groodt, August Braunbeck, and Val Manwaring

The church has a membership of about 380. Pastor is the Reverend John Eakin.

Presbyterian Mother-Daughter Banquet

The Mother-Daughter Banquet of the Presbyterian Church was held Thursday. The Priscilla Class had charge of the arrangements with 137 present. Prizes went to Mrs. Kate Schaeffer as the oldest mother; Mrs. Lloyd Ogren as the youngest mother; and to Mrs. Bud Howe with the largest family.

Mrs. John Keller had charge of the business meeting and Mrs. Joe Webster, Jr. of the program.

The following group including Bill Fandrich, Marian Lilja, Norita Reed, Nancy Westcott, and Barbara Lovejoy sang two songs under the direction of Mrs. Robert McCausland. Marilyn DeGroodt was the accompanist.

Mrs. John Hadlock and Mrs. Lloyd Ogren with Gene Moroski as accompanist, sang two duets. Marilyn De Groodt played a clarinet solo with Mr. Moroski at the piano. Mrs. Elizabeth Merron of Ashtabula presented two humorous readings. The devotionals were in charge of Mrs. Wesley Kellogg.

Reverend John Eakin, Gene Moroski and Robert Keller helped to serve.



  • Gilbert Huey has been appointed to serve as township trustee replacing Harley Brocklehurst who resigned. Mr. Brocklehurst has obtained winter work in Florida.
  • Boy Scout Troop 11 has been reorganized under the leadership of Gordon Prue, Scoutmaster, with Basil Nichols as his assistant. The Troop will meet each Monday at the Presbyterian Fellowship Hall.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Huey and family returned from a two-weeks’ vacation on the Florida coast.



  • Miss Ellen Kinnear Laid to Rest

Funeral services for Miss Ellen Kinnear, 77, of 2123 Stearns Rd., Cleveland, were held Friday at Thompson Funeral Home, Miss Kinnear died Tuesday at Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland. The Reverend John Eakin, pastor of Kingsville Presbyterian Church, conducted the services. Burial was in Lulu Falls Cemetery, Kingsville.

  • Shirley Castle Entertains her “Doll’s” Club

On Saturday afternoon, Shirley Castle was hostess to her “Dolls’ Club.” Following games and stunts, Mrs. Smith served a chicken supper. The guest list included Eula Jane and Nadine Keller; Patty Lee and Beverly Jeanne Bowdler; Ruth Shepherd; Betty Shawberger; Jane Bowdler; Barbra Jean and Bernice Joan Braunbeck, all of Kingsville. Jean Smith of Conneaut.


Academy Street Corner:  Store now Robert Wentz store.


Kingsville Telephone Company purchases SE corner property, site of former Rogers Hotel..

  • Kingsville Choir Formed

Tuesday, October 3, 1957

A newly formed Town Women’s Choir held its first practice Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Genevieve McCausland. The group will meet there every second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at 7:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in choral work is invited.

  • Kingsville Eastern Stars in Regular Recent Meeting

by Mrs. John J. O’Bell

Orion Chapter, OES, met last Tuesday and initiation was held. The worthy matron, Margaret Kennert, announced that the chapter will serve the Masonic Inspection dinner for Orion Lodge tonight

Refreshments were served by Florence Bowdler, Mary Ellen Bowdler and Georgia Keller. The next regular meeting, April 21, will also be initiation. Theo Walrath, Helen Ashley, and Dorothy Harmon are to serve on the refreshment committee

  • Kingsville History Told by Mrs. Keller

Kingsville. Mrs. Ronald Derry was hostess to 33 last week when Harmony Club met at her home in the afternoon. Assisting her were Mrs. X.J. Fox and Mrs. Ralph Robishaw. Four guests were present

Mrs. George Keller gave a paper on the History of Kingsville.

Plans were made by the club to send a CARE package and to also adopt a needy family for Christmas. The date and place of the Christmas tureen supper will be announced. At that meeting there will be a white elephant gift exchange.

Girl Scout Troop 208 is taking bowling lessons at the Ashtabula Bowling Center under the instruction of Mrs. Clarence Brumley. Currently, nine girls are participating. Mrs. H Janendo and Mrs. W. Brunnell are accompanying the girls.

Pinochle Club met Saturday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Kellogg. Prize winners were Mrs. Cecil Luce and Don Wilson, high; Mrs. William Dewey and Charles Carr, low.  Mrs. Luce was co hostess. They will meet in May.



Kingsville Telephone Company Building on Se Corner destroyed by fire, along with store fronts to the east, including  McCleary Store.  Telephone Company builds brick building on SE corner shortly after.



Cleveland News, Monday, October 5, 1953.  “Invite Farm Women to Visit Our Town,” Frances Synder. The Club World, p. 20.

Jan Volk collected newspaper clippings mostly from the Ashtabula Star Beacon over the years covering the decade of the 1950s of the church and of Kingsville.  Nadine Moroski also collected church bulletins and annual reports and much of the material in these chapters is taken from her collection.