Strong and Steadfast in the Spirit: Chapter Nine -1990-2000

bits of bulletins, 1990

August 19, 1990

Today we celebrate the baptism of Calvin Lester Lewis and Patience May, daughter of Calvin and Colleen Lewis. We welcome Virginia Lewis, Calvin’s mother, and grandmother of Patience. Also, we welcome Gordon and Delores Bovee, maternal grandparents, and Dean and Jeanette Bovee, godparents of Patience.

Reverend Robert and Mrs. Esther Shoff will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on August 22nd. There is going to be a card shower. Reverend Shoff has filled our pulpit on numerous occasions.

October 14, 1990

The Federated Church Teen Choir is a group of approximately 40 young people from Northwestern Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio. The young people, ages 13 to 18, represent several school districts surrounding East Springfield, Pennsylvania.

The Teen Choir is active throughout the year participating in services in churches, nursing homes, and by invitation to other locations. For nearly 20 years, the choir has taken an annual tour at the conclusion of the school year. These tours have taken them to all parts of the United States, as well as mission trips to the Bahamas and Jamaica, and last year, to inner-city Camden, New Jersey. Eligibility for the annual tour is determined by faithfulness to practices and concerts, Sunday School and Worship Service attendance, a willingness and desire to exemplify Christ in their everyday living, and their participation in other activities and outreach projects sponsored by the choir.

The ministry of the Teen Choir incorporates a variety of music, drama, and personal testimonies. Through all these methods of presenting the gospel, the choir seeks not to impress people, but rather to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him known to all.

The choir is directed by Youth Pastor Rick Plucknett. Rich graduated from Houghton College in 1983, with a B.S. in Church Ministries, and has been on the staff of the Federated Church since September 1983. He most recently completed his master’s degree in Guidance Counseling at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. Rick and his wife, Kelly, were married in 1987, and had their first child Brennan Richard, on August 23,1990.

December 9, 1990

Announcing the first annual live Manger Scene reenacted by the Kingsville Presbyterian Church and Kingsville Boy Scouts.  If you ever wanted to have a major role in an off-broad way play, but were afraid of memorizing lines, here is your big chance to steal the scene!

We need Josephs and Marys. We need Toms, Dicks, and Harriets!

We need shepherds and angels.  We need three wise men. We need a choir of 20 to 30 joyful voices.

If your talents include directing or serving hot chocolate and donuts, WE NEED YOU!  If you have live stable-like animals, we need THEM!

Opening night and closing night will be Sunday, December 23. The time of the performance will be 6-8 p.m.  and will consist of four, 30-minute scenes.

 An organizational meeting will be held December 9th, after Sunday worship.

Contact Betty Swanson to volunteer and for more information.

bits of bulletins, 1991

May 1991

Guppy and Guppy II contributed much wisdom and entertaining stories to Kingsville Presbyterian Church bulletins.  This Guppy II column in honor of mothers appeared in the May 1991 bulletin. Let’s talk about mothers, those wonderful, wonderful people. We all have one you know! I was very lucky to have the best mother of all. (Don’t we all say that!) I did not realize it at the time of course. In fact, most do not realize how wonderful she is until it comes time to raise our own children, or until she is gone.

It is hard to realize how wonderful she is when she won’t let you go out and play until your homework is done, or you can’t watch TV until your dishes are done, or you can’t have that new dress or video game you want because she “says “she does not have the money. And she actually makes you keep your room clean and your clothes picked up. How horrible! What a terrible mother!

Do you realize that she was teaching you responsibility, discipline, values, cleanliness, and best of all LOVE? Yes, children.  She actually does all these mean things because she loves you. God gave us all the Ten Commandments (rules) because He loves us and wants the best for us.

Let’s show our love for our moms every day, even if she is with the Lord, by living our lives the way she wanted, by honoring her, by loving her and showing it. God really shines through mothers.

I love you all.

Guppy II  

bits of bulletins, 1992

April Prayer List

Chris Cook

Laura Blakeslee

Claude Hawn

Beverly Dean

Jim Stevens

Keith Flack

Ken Allen

Earnest Fiala

Lynn and Becky Armstrong

Bud Nichols

Viola Carle

Wilho Brunell’s Family

Shut In’s

Catherine Bowdler

Clara Kemp’s Family

Bob McCausland

Florence Redman

Jeanette Robishaw


Today, we are receiving the offering for the One Great Hour of Sharing. Envelopes are in the pew racks.

Wednesday April 22, 7:00 p.m. Christian Ed., Membership and I & S Committees meet in the Fellowship Hall. Worship Committee will meet later.

This week, Ina will be away at the New Pastor’s Training Seminar in Columbus, Ohio. Sunday, April 26, Shirley Pitzer will be the preacher.

Among the New Officers for the County Presbyterian Youth Group (P.O.W.) are Stacy Urch, co-moderator of the group, and Tim Urch, editor of their newsletter. Congratulations Stacy and Tim! And thank to their mother Gail for her support of the youth group.

Clara Kemp died Friday morning at Park Haven Home. Our prayers are with Ruth, Bob, Betty, and Sharon Swanson in the loss of their mother and grandmother.

Financial Update:  received in the offering April 12, $1,189.90. Needed to run the church for one week, $950.00.

Scripture texts:  Acts 4:32-35; I John 1:1-2:2, John 20: 19-31.

Deacon of the Month:  Pauline Nichols

Elder of the Month:  Marilyn Lynch

Thanks to Carolyn and the choir for their beautiful anthems and special music during Lent and Holy Week.

Thanks to Joanne Evans, our secretary, for working extra hard to print three bulletins this week.

Thanks to all who cooked and served for the Easter breakfast.

Happy Easter!

December 1992

Live Nativity Scene. Sunday, December 20th. There will be four showings, beginning at PM and continuing at 6:30, 7, and 7:30 PM. Come and bring family, friends, and neighbors to see the angels, shepherds visit the Holy Family in the manger. Members and friends of the church and Boy Scout Troop 11 will sing Christmas Carols accompanied by a guitar, a narrator, and real live animals. Don’t miss this magical expression of the meaning of Chris

bits of bulletins, 1993

1993 Church Officials

Minister:  Reverend Ina Hart

Secretary: Joanne Evans

Unicameral Board

Class of 1993: Wallace Brocklehurst, Wells Brocklehurst,

Frances Clayman, Lauretta Lute, Mary Novak, Jane Silva

Class of 1994: Iverna Doyle, Bob Keller, Ray Simmons, Betty Swanson, Norm Thorpe, Jan Volk

Class of 1995:  Linda Kalinowski, Stacy Urch


Class of 1993: Dorothy Camplese, Carol Childs, Sally Donatone, Lois Laugen

Class of 1994: Bonnie Carr, Harriet Daywalt, Frances Newbold, Ruth Swanson

Class of 1995: Marilyn Lynch, Ressa Olin, Evelyn Robishaw, Sheryl Taylor

Sunday School

Sunday School Superintendent: Gloria Stevens; Betty Swanson, Assistant

Sunday School Teachers:  Frances Blenman, Viola Carle, Ken Carle, Laura Johnson, Connie Kirk, Linda Laugen, Bev Newbold, Jessie Pontoni, Chris Stevens

Custodian: Russell Wentink

Organist/Choir Director: Carolyn Herl

Treasurer: Lauretta Lute

Financial Secretary: Donna Wentink, Virginia Simmons

1993 Committees

Christian Education

Linda Kalinowski, Stacy Urch, Marilyn Lynch, Gary Stevens, Gloria Stevens

Membership and Personnel

Jane Silva, Iverna Doyle, Dorothy Camplese, Doug Herl

Budget and Nominating

Wells Brocklehurst, Wally Brocklehurst, Sally Donatone, Tom Fravel, Lauretta Lute


Jan Volk, Bob Keller, Ressa Olin, Ginny Simmons, Carolyn Herl

Interpretation and Stewardship

Norm Thorpe, Betty Swanson, Evelyn Robishaw, Francis Clayman, Lauretta Lute


Carol Hill, Chuck Leonard, Nancy Page

bits of bulletins, 1994

May 8, 1994

Kingsville Presbyterian Church

3056 Route 84, West

The Reverend Ina Hart, Pastor

Sunday School, 9:30 A.M.

Morning Worship 11:00 A.m.

In honor of the 150th Anniversary of Kingsville Presbyterian Church

“With Hearts and Hands and Voices”

Cantata by John F Wilson

May 8, 1994

Organ Meditations                                                            Lighting of the Candle

To worship is to listen for the ancient song of creation and to recognize within that song our individual songs. To worship is to share these melodies and dissonances of our human condition Our voices vary:  some warble, some bellow, but the song is universal It is our ode to God and to the God within us. let us join hearts and hands and voices and worship God.

We Praise the Lord

Choral Introit

*The Call to Worship

Leader:  Touch us, O God, through the ministry and melody through the sounds and senses of song.

People: Through the wordless wonder which fills our souls with heaven, through the spirit which teases our feet to dace and causes our hearts to overflow.

Leader:  That we might be absorbed in the mystery and magic of music,

People:  and that in this moment of oneness our lives will be bonded to each other and to You.

All:  Amen!

We Share With One Another

Presentation of our offerings



Prayer of Dedication

(Children may go to the nursery)

We Pray Together

Announcements and Prayer Concerns

The Pastoral Prayer and Spoken prayers of the People

The Lord’s Prayer

We Sing Together

”With, Heart, and Hands and Voices”

(When choir stands, congregation please stand and join in

singing the hymns.)

1. Hymn 564, Now Thank We All Our God

(First verse only – omit “Amen_)

2. Doxology. Sung to the tune of Hymn 20. Omit “Amen.”

3.  Hymn 37. Great is Thy Faithfulness. Third verse only Omit “Amen.”

The Benediction

Choral Response “Prayer of Benediction”

Candles are Extinguished

Organ Postlude

Presented by The Kingsville Presbyterian Church Choir

Director       Carolyn Herl

Organist        Betty Baldwin

Readers        Gary Stevens     Reverend Ina Hart

Liturgist       Stacy Urch

Announcements, May 8, 1994

Prayer List

Ernest Fiala

Bob Easell

Julia Shellhammer

Hazel Glotzbecker

Linda Holmes

Jennie Hinkle

Peaches Newbold

Bob McKibben

Harriet Daywalt

Keith Flack

Norma VanGordon

Leona Keller

Shut ins

Jeanette Robishaw

Laura Blakeslee

Margaret Watkins

Celel Shank


Today, the beautiful flowers on the Communion Table are given by Jim and Doris Helba and Ray and Ginny Simmons in loving memory of their mother Laura Simmons whose birthday was May 8.

Today, Happy Mother’s Day and welcome to all members worshipping with us today.

Monday, May 9, 6 P.M Mother/Daughter Salad Supper. Program by the Worship Dancers of Kirtland. Bring a salad and your own table service.

Wednesday, May 11, 7 PM.  Session meets.

Friday, May 13, 11AM – 1 PM. Soup lunch Vegetable beef and split pea soup.

Saturday, May 21. Library Lawn Sale. 150th Anniversary Commemorative medals go on sale. The Clowns for Christ will have games and balloons.

Sunday, May 22. Pentecost Sunday. Communion will be observed. Plan to wear something red for this special service.

Our sympathy is with Arnold and Eleanor Carlson upon the death of Arnold’s sister, Laura Eilsworth. A memorial service will be held Tuesday, May 10 at 11 AM at the First Baptist Church of Kingsville.

Financial Updates:  received in the collection May 1, $1,111.25.

Church Officers

Board of Session

Class of 1994

Ray Simmons

Betty Swanson

Norm Thorpe

Jan Volk

Class of 1995

Iverna Doyle

Bob Keller

Linda Kalinowski

Stacy Urch

Class of 1996

Francis Clayman

Lauretta Lute

Mary Novak

Gary Stevens

Board of Deacons

Class of 1994

Bonnie Carr

Peaches Newbold

Beverly Skarlinski

Ruth Swanson

Class of 1995

Marilyn Lynch

Evelyn Robishaw

Ressa Olin

Sheryl Taylor

Class of 1996

Pat Baldwin

Carol Brunell

Calvin Lewis

Maryann Thorp

Organist and Choir Director            Carolyn Herl

Custodian                                          Russ Wentink

Church Treasurer                              Lauretta Lute

Financial Secretary                           Donna Wentink

                                                          Virginia Simmons

Church Secretary                              Joanne Evans

Youth Coordinator                            Mark Baker

Minister                                             Reverend Ina Hart

Pastor’s Office Hours      9:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. MTWF

Church Office Hours        9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.  TWF

Church Office Phone        224-1023 Pastor Home 224-0169

Kingsville Presbyterian Church

3049 West Main Street (Rt. 84) P.O. Box 41, Kingsville, OH  44048 


How Candy Making Got Started

In the 1960s, Sharon, Betty, and I started making candy – hard tack -to put on the fruit plates for the shut-ins.

Everyone liked it so well that the Sunshine Class groups started making it in our homes following our potluck suppers we had once a month. When it became too big a project, we got permission to use Fellowship Hall where we continued making it until 1975. We had lost some of our members and decided we could not continue any longer. The Sunday school teachers with the help of Francis Blenman, Judy Talso, and Ruth Fedor made it for a few years.

Then, in 1988, I was asked if I would help if they started making candy again. With the help of many hands we have been able to donate some money to the church and to invest in some project for the church.

The money we make is important, for our church needs it, but to me the most important thing is the fellowship. What else could we do that takes so little time and work from each of us, makes the church some money, and have so much fun remembering old times and stories, telling new stories and making memories.

We make candy each Tuesday at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. We welcome anyone who would like to join us for ½ hour or any hour to two hours. Just bring your sheers!


Ruth Swanson

bits of bulletins, 1995
Catch the Spirit

According to her friends and family, Nadine Moroski had a habit of keeping treasures from the church and elsewhere. She gave Kingsville Presbyterian Church a treasure trove of our past if we use it creatively instead of tucking things away in storage and in our memory. One way we can use the old bulletins, and there is a stack of them, is to read them and compare what we were doing then to what we are doing now. What have we gained and what have we lost with time? And, there are smiles lurking as we remember people that were and still are dear to us.  Here is the Kingsville Presbyterian Church bulletin from May 7, 1995, the first Sunday that Reverend Helen Dekker began her service as Interim Pastor. 

Lord, may we use this bulletin as a meditation of time past, time present, and time yet to come.

Kingsville Presbyterian Church

May 7, 1995

Organ Meditation                                             Lighting of the Candles

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 118:2

We Praise the Lord

Choral Introit

The Call to Worship

Leader:  A new day has dawned. God’s gift of life is renewed in you and me.

People:  Praise God for today! Praise God for the creative spirit in our midst.

Leader:  Be still and know that God is here Let the Spirit in.

People:  We are ready to pray and think and rejoice. We are ready to hear God’s word.

Leader:  Then listen and respond to God, who meets u in new ways and in different sounds, today in worship, and every day in the world.

People: Come to us, O God, and guide our worship. Speak, speak to us the Word we need, and let that Word change us and empower us to be your people. Amen.

Hymn of Praise:  27- Let the Whole Creation Cry

We Confess Our Sins

Call to Confession

Unison Prayer of Confession

The spirit calls each of us, but we are often reluctant to heed the call. The wind of the Spirit blows, at times fiercely, and draws us onward. Yet, we cling to the fragile familiarities, to securities, and to safety. Help us to risk letting go, to stand free as your servant people. Help us to capture visions of the future, so that we can truly be the church. We ask this in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

Silent Prayer of Confession

Kyrie (congregation in unison)

Lord, have mercy upon us,

Christ Have mercy upon us.

Lord, have mercy upon us.

Words of Assurance

The good news is that Go forgives us and gives us Christ to be living water and true bread. Let us accept with joy these precious gifts of abundant life. Amen.

Leader:  Friends, believe the Good News of the Gospel.

People:  In Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

Gloria Patri

We Share with One Another

Minute for Mission

The Anthem                  Love Divine               Roger Wilson

A Time for Our Children

Presentation of Our Offerings



Prayer of Dedication

(Children may go to the nursery)

We Pray Together

Announcements and Prayer Concerns

The Pastoral Prayer and Spoken Prayers of the People

The Lord’s Prayer

Prayer Hymn:  223 God Hath Spoken by His Prophets

We Study Together

Old Testament Lesson            Ezekiel 37:1-14 (p. 764)

New Testament Lesson           1 John 4: 7-12 (p. 223_

Leader:  This is the Word of the Lord.

People:  Thanks be to God.

Sermon:  Come, Spirit Come


We trust in God the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of life, who sets us free and binds us together as one body of Christ, one church the communion of saints. The same Spirit who inspired prophets and apostles still speaks through Scripture read and proclaimed, washes us in living water, feeds us with the bread of life, and calls both women and men to all the ministries of the church. Glory be to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, Amen.

We Go Forth to Serve

Closing Hymn     187 Breathe on Me, Breath of God

The Benediction

Choral Response “Prayer of Dedication”

Candles are Extinguished

Organ Postlude

Announcements May 7, 1995

Prayer List                                                

Bill Runyan

Jean Plants

Viola Carle

Lynne Bresciani-Neill

Donna Wentink and family

Keith Flack

Ken Mead

Chuck Hawn

Shut Ins

Laura Blakeslee

Margaret Watkins

Stella Simmons

Ernest Fiala

Julia Shellhammer

Peaches Newbold

Jennie Hinkle

Today, we welcome Reverend Helen Dekker as our Interim Pastor.

Today after worship we will hold our final self study meeting. If you have not yet attended one of these meetings, please plan to stay.

Today, Men of Praise and The Starlighters will present a Spring Concert this evening 7 pm. at the First United Methodist Church, Elm Avenue, Ashtabula.

Monday May 8, 7:00 PM. Deacons will meet.

Wednesday, May 10, 7:00 PM. Session will meet.

Friday May 12, 11AM- 1 PM. Community Soup Lunch. This month the soups are vegetable beef or Ham & Bean.

Sunday, May 14. Mother’s Day. A Rigatoni Dinner will be held in our Fellowship Hall sponsored by Kingsville Elementary School 6th grade. 12 noon to 4PM. Pries are:  adults $3.50, students K-6th grade $2.50 preschool age is free.

Monday, May 15th, 9:30 AM. Sone help is needed to help set up tables in the Fellowship Hall for the Mother

Sunday, May 14. Mother’s Day. A Rigatoni Dinner will be held in our Fellowship Hall sponsored by Kingsville Elementary School 6th grade. 12 noon to 4PM. Pries are:  adults $3.50, students K-6th grade $2.50 preschool age is free.

Monday, May 15th, 9:30 AM. Sone help is needed to help set up tables in the Fellowship Hall for the Mother/Daughter Banquet.

Monday, May 15 6:30 PM. Mother/Daughter Salad Supper will be held in the Fellowship Hall. Bev Newbold will provide entertainment. All ladies invited!

Sunday, May 21, 3 PM. We will have a Public Reception for Reverend Helen Dekker.

Special Concert

Kingsville Presbyterian Church will be the site of a concert of favorite hymns, 2:30 p.m. Sunday, April 30, 1995. Performers include Gene Moroski (seated) and left to right Evelyn Robishaw, Judy Yusko, Bill Daywalt, Beverly Newbold, Bob Keller, and Doug Herl. The songs will be performed to the background of digital music, representing guitars, brass, pipe organ, piano, and other instruments. A free will offering will be taken. Photograph by Carl Feather.

The church and community received a glorious, hallelujah blessing Sunday afternoon at the musical performance of the much-loved Christian hymns. May God bless each one who had a part in this. Doug Herl, Judy Yusko, Beverly Newbold, Evelyn Robishaw, Bob Keller, Bill Daywalt and to Gene Moroski, as he played his digital piano and presented this program to an overflowing number of joyous people. A standing ovation was given at the intermission and again at the finale. We were truly blessed. Praise the Lord! In Christian Love, Ginny Keller

Saturday, May 20. Kingsville Library Lawn Sale. Help is needed for our booth which will be selling geraniums.

Financial update: received in the collection April 30, $1,888.25.

November, 1995

Bill Daywalt was given a surprise birthday party at the home of Maryann and Al Thiel. The party was given by his  family on Saturday, November 18th. Family, friends, and fellow choir members gathered to wish him a happy birthday.

Sixth Annual Live Nativity will be presented Sunday, December 17th. Performances at 6, 6:30, 7, and 7:30 p.m. All participants please be at the church by 5 p.m.

All participants are responsible for their own costume and props. Fabric remnants serve as shawls or head covering. Robes or caftans are suitable for costumes because they fit over winter apparel. Beards lend an authentic touch. Shepherds should carry staffs. Please remember that Biblical characters did not wear tennis shoes, nor watches. Characters should wear make-up to accent their features for the effect of the spotlight. Blue eyeshadow and eye liner should be sufficient. If you can apply your make-up at home, it would be greatly appreciated. Chorus members should be dressed in regular streetwear.

Larry Moroski “team bowled” in Austintown for Special Olympics” and received a gold medal which qualified him to go to Columbus on November 19 where he won another gold medal. Big day for Larry. Congratulations!

bits of bulletins, 1996

August 16, 1996

bits of bulletins, 1997

April 1997

Session Holds All Night Meeting

Maybe it wasn’t all night long, but the April meeting sure seemed like it! So much to do, so much life in the church!

Hank and Mark Dufour from Boy Scout Troop 11 presented their plans for building a ramp in front of the Fellowship Hall. This will be Mark’s Eagle Scout project.  The Boy Scouts will be installing the ramp during the month of May.

The members of the Confirmation Class will be received as members of our church during worship on Sunday May 18th. These include Erin Cook, Steven Castro, and Kenton Lewis.

Session commendations were given to:

  • The Care and Fellowship Ministries of the Deaconate for all of their hard work.
  • To Bill Daywalt for his work as Clerk of Sessions.
  • To the Youth of our church.

News from the Session

June 1997

The Session met on Wednesday, April 30 for a special meeting with presbytery staff and representatives of the presbytery’s Committee of Ministry (COM), The purpose of tis meeting was for presbytery to comply with the constitutional requirement to meet with our session once every three years for review and feedback of the congregation’s ongoing ministries and fellowship.

The Session reflected on ministries of the last three years and candidly discussed conflicts that date back fifteen or more years. Based on these reflections, the presbytery staff and COM offered to provide people and resources to help the elders address unresolved issues from current and previous pastorates. Unlike years past, the presbytery has made great strides in providing practical assistance for its congregations. The Session expressed their thanks.

Everyone desires to reconcile our various unresolved issues so that we can move ahead together in new and exciting ministries. The elders will keep the congregation informed of future meetings with COM and the developments toward resolution of past concerns.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bill Daywalt, Clerk of Session

News from the Ministries

Christian Education Ministry

Due to a lack of volunteers, there will be no children’s Sunday School from June 8th until September 7th. However, there will be a Children’s Worship program during the 10:00 a.m. worship service on all Sundays throughout the summer except for outdoor worship on the third Sundays in June, July, and August. Adult Sunday School will be offered from 9:00 to 9:30 a.m. in the Memorial Room. Pastor Mark will lead the class in a continuing study of the essential beliefs of Presbyterians….

Linda Kalinowski, Moderator

Fellowship Ministry

The Mother/Daughter Banquet was a lovely success. We had about 135 women and girls who attended! The Soundsations were sensational, the quilts were inspirational, and the tables were beautifully decorated. Thank you to Carol Brunell, Jan Volk, Ginny Simmons and so many others for creating an enjoyable event for us all.

Maryann Thorpe, Moderator 

bits of bulletins, 1998

January 1998

Guppy II notes that Kingsville Presbyterian Church, although little, is featuring much activity during January 1998. There is a Choir  Cantata, (Great), Live Nativity (Weather good for a change!); New Church Sign (telling all we are here), Giving Tree, baskets of food for the less fortunate, soup lunch (always good), good messages from the pulpit, another successful candy making year. Whew, we are busy! Isn’t it wonderful?

From the Candyman

The candy making is over for another year. It was a big success. We couldn’t make it fast enough. We used 1,000 lbs. of sugar and forty gallons of Karo.  This amount made 619 batches which is 1,393 lbs. of candy. Mary Ann and I would like to thank everyone that helped.

The Candymaker

“I am only a candymaker,” he thought sadly. “No one will listen to me when I tell of the wonderous love of my Lord, about how and why God entered our world, born as a baby in Bethlehem.”

“How can I tell the children about the love of Jesus?” he wondered.

Then he smiled. “I will make them some candy. I will begin with pure white and the virgin birth of Jesus and his sinlessness. It will be hard and pure. I will make it into the letter J so all will be reminded that it is by the name of Jesus that we are saved from our sins. It will also look like a shepherd’s staff, so that we may know that Jesus is our shepherd, our Savior and Lord.”

“To remember the awful price of Jesus’s love for me, I shall include red to tell of the blood He shed to save me from my sins. Three small stripes to show is scourging and a large red stripe for his blood shed on the cross by nails and spears.”

And so was made the candy cane, crafted in love, and made to help us remember the costly love of Jesus. Pass them out freely and use them to witness to others of Christ this Christmas.

March, 1998

Burton Mills and Bob Keller installed and put into place 5×3 x32 sink, cabinet, and counter which was purchased and donated by Lynn and Jane Silva.  Stop by the Music Room and see how this modernizes the room.  A big thank you to Burton, Bob, Lynn, and Jane.

May 1998

Guppy II reports in May 1998 that the Easter season has passed, and our little church was soooo busy. Six evening services during Holy Week, including Maunday Thursday Communion, Good Friday,(Why would it be called Good Friday when it was the day Jesus was nailed to the cross?) I can understand maybe Good Sunday for Easter!) Saturday Night Vigil and then all that early stuff Easter morning. I say “good job, well done,” to the teenagers for Saturday night and Easter breakfast. If you could not attend any of this, you really missed out.

Did you know that this was Carolyn’s 33rd consecutive year playing on Easter morning?  She just agreed to fill in that Sunday 33 years ago. Now that is what I call dedication. Thanks, Carolyn. And I can’t forget the soup lunch on Friday, too Whew! We were busy!

FYI – For Your Information

  • Don Theiss will be in the pulpit May 3rd.
  • Reverend Ellen Neville will be in the pulpit May 10, Mother’s Day.
  • The Annual Mother Daughter Banquet of Kingsville Presbyterian Church will be held Monday, May 11 at 6 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall. You are all cordially invited. The menus will be our famous Salad supper, so bring y our favorite salad dish to share. Rolls, beverages, and table service will be provided. The program will be the Cross County Shoreliners, a delightful barbershop group of which Doug Herl is a member. If you do not have a daughter to bring or a mother, borrow one, or just come as you are and enjoy the fellowship! See you! Carol Brunell and Jan Volk, Deacons
  • The Youth will lead the service May 17.
  • Peggie Blenman will be in the pulpit May 24.
  • Office closed May 25.
  • Bill Daywalt will be in the pulpit May 31.

News from the Session

The regular meeting of the session was held on Wednesday, April 15, 1998.

We currently have $6,267.50 in the General Fund. Isn’t that amazing!

Commendations were made for the Youth Group and Bev Newbold for performing the Vigil on Saturday evening before Easter.

The youth raised $207.00from the Easter breakfast toward going to summer camp.

The Rebekah Lodge has donated $500to the church toward the purchase of new tables for the Fellowship Hall.

bits of bulletins, 1999

June 1999

The Session met Wednesday, May 19 in the Memorial Room. Sharon Clemson will remain on Session but will serve as Elder and on the Mission and Evangelism Committee. Bill Daywalt will serve as Clerk of Session with Sharon acting as Secretary. This makes me happy, because I am a firm believe in people being in jobs that better suit their capabilities, and I will feel much more of service in these roles.

A discussion about cleaning up some of the “junk” that seems to accumulate in the furnace room and the Sunday School Rooms that are not being used for classes at the present was held. We decided to clean up and rearrange so better use could be made of these rooms. Also discussed was the issue of brush behind the Fellowship hall property, and the possibility of cleaning this up also. Other collection monies will be going into the new interest-bearing account at Key Bank starting next week. The General Fund balance is $19,742.60 at this time.

The Session presented Reverend Stephen Long with a gift of a necktie in thanks for his serving as our Moderator in the absence of a pastor. Reverend Kevin Horrigan will be serving as Moderator in June. We certainly have appreciated Stephen’s help. Special commendation to Janet Weise, who has done a wonderful job chairing our very successful Soup Luncheons, as well as the many other things she does for our church. Janet truly amazes me with her eye for beauty. She can take three weeds and two cattails and put them in a mason jar and it becomes a work of art. I can take an orchid and put it in a crystal vase and it looks like a week. Thank you, Janet. We really appreciate you.

We approved the purchase of a new two-line phone with an answering machine for the Fellowship Hall.  Please call us if you have a need. Monica is in the office from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Also available are members of Session, and Monica will be happy to refer you if you call.

Remember our ad for a pastor goes into the Presbyterian Magazine, Monday Memos, the first of June. We are hopeful that God will lead someone to us through this. Keep praying.


Sharon Clemson

July 1999

I received a note June 4th from Helen Dekker thanking me for the newsletter every month. She informed me that she and her husband Henri will be moving in July to Uyrgyzshaw, a republic in Central Asia. She did not give me her new address. Monica Roco, church secretary.

Thank you to all who helped serve the dinner after the funeral for Ernest Fiala.  Ginny Simmons.

We want to thank everyone for their prayers and cards during the illness and passing of my father Ernest Fiala. We also want to thank the ladies for the wonderful funeral dinner.

Mary Ann and Norman Thorpe

Summer Music

July 25…..Bev Newbold

August 1….American Drill Team

August 8…..Outdoor Service, no music

August 15….Bev Newbold

August 22…..Scott Treen, bagpipes

August 29…..Sweet Adelines

On July 14, the Youth Group will be going to Waldameer Park.

There will be a Fundraising Breakfast before church on Sunday, August 18.

There will be a camping trip on the weekend of Friday, August 20th.

Your Session has developed a Prayer and Contact chain to assist in spreading the news of the church as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This chain will be used to communicate members and friends’ needs, church cancellation due to inclement weather, or any other announcements that need to reach all of you quickly.

If you are aware of news or prayer concerns that should be spread through the contact list, please call either Bill Daywalt (224-0803) Peggie Blenman (224-1467) or Sharon Clemons (998-6854) to start the word flowing.

September 1999

Isn’t it wonderful to have our choir back, and a new face, too. Thanks, Chip. That men’s section will really shine this year, me thinks. Come to hear, see, join in the fellowship and inspiration of it all. See you next month. 

Love you all,

Guppy II

October 1999

News from the Session

The Session met on September 13, 1999. Liza Hendricks from Presbytery attended, and we had a very in-depth discussion with her about our search for a pastor. She assured us that there are many churches in the same circumstances as Kingsville due to the severe shortage of ministers. Not exactly comforting, but perhaps helps us to understand. She says she would assist us in our search with her guidance.

Bill Daywalt resigned as Spiritual Life Committee member. We will be grateful to anyone who would volunteer to help us with this committee.

We wish to thank Burton Mills for the water fountain in the Fellowship Hall which he so graciously donated and installed.

The General Fund balance is $26,742.33.

The Boys Scouts gave a new coat of paint to the ramps and railings. They asked to have merit Badge Camp, a sleep over at the Fellowship Hall on February 5th and 6th before Scout Sunday. The Church will be hosting the Scouts Annual Court of Honor Spaghetti Dinner on February 9th.

Candy making has begun!!  Please join us.

Next Session meeting October 11th.

November 1999

The Session met October 11th at 7 p.m. at the Fellowship Hall. November clean up day will be on November 6 at 9 a.m. till all the leaves are raked. Pray for a dry day so we can get buttoned up for winter. Everyone is welcome to help. The roof on the manse will be replaced by the time you read this. We now have light again in the kitchen at the Fellowship Hall.  There were several burned out bulbs and ballasts which were replaced by some good fellows in the church. Thanks!  It was getting so we needed miner’s helmets to make candy as it is necessary to read the thermometers.

We have been blessed with someone, Lori Webster, who has volunteered to lead the children’s choir to prepare for a holiday program. The Session enthusiastically approved her offer. She will be letting us know when she wants to begin practice.

The General Fund balance is $26,520.30.

We need some help with the Spiritual Life (Sunday School) Committee. Bill Daywalt has resigned as Moderator and we need someone to help Bev to coordinate the Sunday School activities. We also need help to get ready for the Holiday Season.

We are still in need of two elders for our next term.

December 1999

  • Notice the beautifully decorated gazebo in Kingsville Park, which was done by Carol Brunell and her 4-H group “The Kingsville Spinneretts” and Boy Scout Troop 11. Thank you to Jay and Janet Weise for the tree.  The whole thing puts you in the holiday spirit.
  • Francis and Louie Clayman just returned from spending time with their daughter, Laurie MacDonald and family, in Charlotte, NC, where they helped her celebrate her birthday. But Laurie will not divulge her age. Atta girl!

When the Clayman’s returned, they, with the help of their other daughter and son-in-law, Rowynn and Duane Bancroft, loaded up a couple of trucks and took 1130 pounds of clothing  from our church to the Church of God in Conneaut where once a week, they distribute clothes free.  Francis said this is way over average giving so a BIG  THANK YOU to all of you, especially to the Clayman’s and the Bancroft’s. This is indeed a wonderful mission.

  • Thanks to Barb Mills and Benjamin Wiese for cleaning the refrigerator in the kitchen.
  • Thanks to Ginny Simmons and all who helped with the dinner after the funeral of Betty Huey.

From the Deacons

The following Deacons met November 1st:  Carol Brunell, Janet Wiese, Al Clemson, Phyllis Shinault, Maryann Thorpe, Jan Volk and Carol Hill.

The Hanging of the Greens took place November 27th. The new Christmas tree Janet purchased at the end of the season last year was put up in the Sanctuary. Carol Brunell will put up a decorated tree in the Fellowship Hall. Batteries for the candles in the windows will be purchased as well as Advent candles. They Boy Scouts will put up the structure for the Nativity scene on the lawn in front of the church. The Giving Tree was discussed.

The Deacons are boxing cookies on December 6th. If you have extra cookies to donate let a Deacon know.

Maryann is getting the names of needy families to receive the Thanksgiving baskets. We will need food and money.

Communion is scheduled for November 28th, with Reverend Missy Shiverick in the pulpit.

The Soup Lunch is Friday, December 10th.

The next Deacon’s meeting is December 6th.

Respectfully submitted by

Jan Volk, Clerk