Strong and Steadfast in the Spirit, Chapter Fifteen: The Old Kingsville Corners or Kingsville Pioneer Cemetery

 O God, our Help in ages past,
Our Hope for years to come,
Be Thou our Guide while life shall last,
And our eternal Home!
 From the hymn O God Our Help in Ages Past by Isaac Watts

Kingsville Tribune

Friday, August 13, 1886

The Old Cemetery by Professor W. F. Cooper,

Written for the Tribune

After the incorporation of the new cemetery in Kingsville (Lulu Falls?), the heart of the people seemed to leave the old one. It has alternately been cared for and neglected. The burial ground is located on the south side of Main Street and west of the center of the village. According to the custom of our fathers, the site was fixed up almost in the center of the town. It has long been a burial place for the dead and every inch of ground, set apart at first should be forever holy and consecrated to this use. The surface of the ground slightly and pleasant and the earth for the determined purposed most fit. It not wisely, it was most justly set apart and should never be converted to any other use. Here from time to time, the people have buried many of the members of the most prominent families. These have not for the greater part been disturbed. The ashes of some have been moved to the new cemetery, but we believe only a few.

On the site of the cemetery east is first the Presbyterian Church, a fine edifice with pleasant grounds, well dressed up and ornamented with trees of a variety of kinds. Between these grounds and cemetery is a beautiful well-trimmed hedge. On the west side is another hedge, untrimmed and rank in growth. On the west is the cottage and grounds of the Luce estate, a very pleasant place. Indeed, the whole of the balance of this street on the south side is occupied by residences, both tasty and fine. In front of the cemetery is a beautiful and well-trimmed hedge. The grounds at present, shorn of a crop of weeds and grass, and the monumental slabs, large numbers of them being in part thrown out of position or displaced, the general appearance of the whole area is one of both carelessness, inattention, and neglect. We hope that both the authorities and the people will make haste to reinstate these grounds, both on their own account and that of their parish.

Because of the near neighborhood of Ashtabula to this place, and the common origin and family intercourse of the people, we presume that something further on the above subject would be accepted as in place.

In the center front is a gate, and the main avenue crosses from the north to south, dividing the grounds in two parts on the east side and the west side. On the right of the entrance from the street repose the ashes of the Lyons family. Next, some of the Grovers.  Then in the northwest corner are the graves of three of the Smiths. In this corner were buried some of the Galbraiths Not far south of the spot rests the ashes of Chancey Atwater; then David Haines; and close by sleeps the wife of Silas Bailey. South, near the center west, are buried some of the Morses.

A little further south, some of the Woods; then we pass the grave of Roswell Cook, then that of Lucy Stanton; still further south on this west side we find the grave of Samuel Newton. Not far away we see the graves of two or three of the Tinkers. Near this spot was buried Daniel Noyes and only a little further southwest sleep Elihu Knapp and wife. We pass here the grave of A. Hubbell and last, we come to a group of graves of the Webster family. Southwest corner here rests the ashes of the old pioneer Michael Webster, whose life numbered 101 years.

The second range of graves on the right of the avenue furnishes the last rest for members of many well-known and prominent families among which are the Rice, Merriman, Curtiss, etc. We should perhaps add Woods, Pecks, Bugbees, Batchelors, Rawsons, Gilletts, Websters, Strattons, Hunts, etc, etc.

On the east side of the Avenue rests Newtons, Mitchells, Websters, Ransoms, Macumbers, Howards, Tafts, Tinkers, Comptons, Southards, Hawkins, Newton, Phelps, Barretts, Rundells, Bugbees, Kezartes, Camps, Clevelands, Cooks, etc.etc.

In the north-east corner, on the high ground cemetery, a beautiful place, are many graves. There is one monument and a large slab overthrown. Here was buried the wife of Mr. Cleveland, Jo’s Hawkins, etc.

There are a few shade trees in these grounds, exceptionally fine indeed.

Let the monuments and slabs be carefully dressed and righted up. Clean the grass and weeds, remove the debris of the front hedge; carefully reinstate the surfaces, and all will be once more in order, and creditable to the place and prove to the living honor, and show a just respect for the worthy dead.

Kingsville Library Album #3- West Main Street Cemetery

Kingsville Presbyterian Church, built in 1844

(Picture) Kingsville Cemetery, dating from the time of arrival of the first settler was established by a private will, but was not placed under the church or the township. Thus, there is no caretaker except for attention given by private citizens.

Bugby Grange officers and members cleaned, repaired, and reset the stones in the cemetery next to the Presbyterian Church on Main Street in 1948, winning 0recognition from the state of Ohio for this project. The land for the cemetery had been donated to the church by George Gillette, needed in an unusual manner as private property and as such, it was not owned by the township. (Information from a Gilbert E. Webster letter).

Kingsville Tribune

Friday, August 13, 1886

Old Kingsville Corners Pioneer Cemetery


Ellen A., died May 8, 1814

I.C. Abbott. February 1838- January 15, 1850

Chauncey Atwater, June 1857-November 22, 1934.  Graveside details, 77 years, five months, eight days.  Chauncey W. Atwater, son of John Atwater and Mathilda Atwater was 14 years old in 1850. He would have been born in 1836. He died in February 1886. MIX UP IN CHAUNCEYS

Lydia Austin. unknown, October 18, 1851. 

Solomon Austin. February 28, 1779-September 13, 1861. He married Delight who was born in Albany County, New York on October 11, 1784.


Amy Stillman Bailey, 1754-January 21, 1827. Kingsville Directory I in the Kingsville Library says that Amy was born on April 17, 1754 and died on January 21, 1829. She was married to Colonel Silas Bailey who died in 1745 and is buried in Perry Township Cemetery. He is a Revolutionary War Veteran who served as a private in the company of Captain Jonathon Marion, enlisting on April 19, 1775 until his discharge in November 1776.[1]

David Barrett, February 21, 1777-March 10, 1840

Eliza Barrett, 1801- August 12, 1849

Eliza Barrett, 1806-June 30, 1853

Amos and Susanna Batchelor. Amos Batchelor, 1756-July 12, 1833. Susanna Batchelor, 1769-November 4, 1843.  Amos Batchelor and Susanna Baker were married on August 11, 1793, and they and they came to Kingsville from Vermont around 1809.

Amos Batchelor and wife, Susannah Baker settled in the Bend of Conneaut Creek, east of Kingsville in 1811. There were four daughters — Chloe [Mrs. David Wood], Susan [Mrs. Calvin Luce], Sophia [Mrs. Hiram Woodbury], Lucinda [Mrs. Chas. Whelpley].

In the early part of August, 1812, the appearance of a British vessel, as was supposed, off Conneaut, created great alarm. Word came from Kingsville that a thousand soldiers and Indians were on the way thither. The family of Batchelor, hastily taking a few necessary articles, sought shelter beyond the Conneaut.

Before they were out of hearing the dog, accidentally left in the house, began to howl, which seemed to confirm their worst fears, but in the morning all thing were found as they had been left the previous night.[2]

Laure A. Bayner, 1840- December 3, 1862

E.W. Beckwith. Birth and death dates unknown. Civil War Veteran.2nd Ohio Battery, GAR

Charlotte Benton. May 16, 1803-July 30, 1861

Heman H. Benton, 1793-December 14, 1868

Almira Webster Blakesley-1805-July 16, 1845

Alpheus Miles Blakesley, 1798-May 28, 1835

Celia S. Blakesley, 1833-February 8, 1835

David Boynton, 1780-October 15, 1848.  Married Nancy Brainard on June 25, 1851 in Ashtabula.

Wealthy M. Boynton, unkown-August 19, 1813.Born about 1808. Died august 10, 1843. 34 years, on month, 19 days. Daughter David Boynton.

Seth Brillard, 1794-March 18, 1850

Ira Brown, 1804-Febuary 1, 1861

Sarah Brown, 1790-May 15, 1827

Sarah Ann Brown, 1814-August 14, 1855

Unknown Brown. Birth and death dates unknown.

Philena Bugbee, birth and death dates unknown.

Horace Bugby, 1806-October 16, 1830

Zaccheus Buggbee, 1781-October 16, 1863. Mr. and Mrs. Zaccheus Bugbee made themselves a home southeast of the village about 1816. She was a woman of generous hospitality and her husband a man of simple, earnest piety; so that a caller could hardly leave the house without refreshment for the body and a taste of heavenly manna. [3]

Seth Bullard, 1800-March 18, 1856.


Ozias Camp, 1790-October 21, 1858

Olive A. Cleveland, Unknown-November 15, 1859

Agness G. Compton, 1846-November 10, 1862

John D. Compton, 1842-July 22, 1864

Betsey Cook, 1795- March 18, 1829

Eunice Mathilda Cook, 1814-May 9, 1824

Olive Cook, 1832-August 18, 1857

Ruby Olivia Cook, 1821-August 27, 1824Adaline Crowther, 1838-May 21, 1858

Harriet St. John Curtis, 1815-December 4, 1852


Emily Davis, 1846-March 9, 1850

Eusecia Davis, 1845-March 1847

Obed Dibbell, June 1832, October 23, 1833

Antoinette Dibell, 1829, December 9, 1833

Jane Ann Dibell

Unknown Dibell, 1831-December 9, 1835    




Mary Ann Fowler, Unknown, July 7, 1862. Age 61. Wife of Reverend Josiah Fowler.

George A. Fox, August 20, 1859-October 12, 1863

Philip D. Fox, March 23, 1853- October 8, 1865

Roswell W. Fox, June 20, 1847- October 13, 1865      


G Galbraith, Unknown- October 29, 1837. Infant son of Adam and Mathilda Galbraith.She was Daughter of John and Mary (Foster) Struthers. Wife of Abraham Morrison

Galbraith.Infant son of Adam and Mathilda Galbraith.She was Daughter of John and Mary (Foster) Struthers. Wife of Abraham Morrison Galbraith.

Almerin Gillett. Almerin Gillette was born in 1765 in Hartford, Connecticut. He died on September 26, 1828 in Ohio?  Age 63. He came to Kingsville prior to 1827.  He married Eunice Griswold II on December 29, 1790 in East Lyme, Connecticut. War of 1812. 63 years. “The memory of the just is blessed.”

Catharine Ann Gillett

Elizabeth Gillett

Eunice Griswold Gillett- 1769-July 31, 1844

William P. Gillett-1840-September 12, 1841

Emeline Cornelia Glezen- Unknown-February 24, 1854

Mary Grover-1770-1801



Ira B. Hall

Thomas J. Hamdon

Barbary Hanes

David Hanes-Unknown-July 17, 1825

Isaac Hanes-1811- August 17, 1838

Almon L. Harvey-1794-March 26, 1816

Amanda E. Harvey-Unknown-February 6, 1847

Andrew Harvey-1787-January 22, 1851

Josephine Hawkins-1806-February 2, 1828

Julia A. Hawkins-1808-June 8, 1851

Abner B. Hibbell-1800-January 7, 1801

Harriet Hill-May 22, 1811- September 22, 1836

Lerreus Hill. Born in 1741. Died August 1810 at age 68-69.

Mirza Noyes Hills. Died November 11, 1832 in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

Joseph Howard. Born 1808. Died May 19, 1842 at age 34.

Harriett M. Hubbell.  Born December 1839. Died August 25, 1841 at age 1.

Anna Hunt. Born 1770. Died October 13, 1844, at age 74.


Celia Jones.  Born February 1808. Died August 19, 1860 at age 52. Daughter of F. & B. Jones.  52 years, 5 months, 28 days.


Flora E. Kezartee. Born August 1861. Died March 28, 1863. (Aged 1) in Ashtabula County. She was the daughter of James and Jane Kezartee.

James Kezartee.  Born September 25, 1807. Died March 23, 1860 at age 52 in Ashtabula County, Ohio. He was the son of Thomas and Mary Kezartee.

Jane McKee Kezartee. Died May 23, 1851. She was the wife of James Kezartee.

John W. Kezartee. Born in 1839. Died February 20, 1863, at age 24 of wounds received at Jackson, Mississippi. Age 24 years and 20 days.  He was the son of James and Jane Kezartee. (U.S Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865. Civil War.

Mary A. Kezartee was born in 1832 and died in 1855, at age 22-23. She is the daughter of James and Jane Kezartee.

Mary Kezartee. Born 1786. She died November 3, 1867, age 80-81. She is the mother of James Kezartee and the grandmother of Mary A. Kezartee.

The 1850 and 1860 census records show a Jane Dougherty, a seamstress, living with Thomas and his wife Mary. She may have been a family member.

Thomas W. Kezartee. Born January 16, 1775 in Virginia. Died October 13, 1861 at age 86, in Kingsville.

Elihu Knapp was born January 5, 1788 in Windham, New York.  Died August 26, 1864 in Ashtabula at age 76. He was a veteran of the War of 1812, serving in Captain Roswell Austin’s Company from August 23-September 6, 1812. (Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812, p. 68).

Nancy Anne Huntley Knapp.  She was born on July 4, 1793, in Washington, Massachusetts, and she died on January 15, 1853 in Jefferson at age 59.


Larman. Birth and death unknown.

Christopher Leffingwell, Jr. Born November 22, 1775, in New London County, Connecticut. Died August 9, 1860, age 84 in Kingsville.

H.S. Lilly.  Born 1829. Died 1830, age 0-1.

Eugene.S. Linn. 2D Ohio Battery, G.A.R. Civil War Monument. Died April 17, 1867. 2nd Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery. Civil War Veteran.

Jane Eliza Loomis. Born June 1835 and died September 6, 1835 at age 2-3 months in Ashtabula County.

Charity Blodgett Lyman-Griffin. Born July 9, 1790, in Randolph, Vermont. Died May 1, 1841 at age 50.

Aaron Lyon. Born 1769. Died January 29, 1857 at age 87-88 in Ashtabula County.

Chester V. Lyon. Born in July 1854. Died February 1, 1861, age 6.

Clarissa Lyon. Died April 6, 1836. Daughter of Aaron & Malinde Lyon.

Emily G. Lyon. April 18, 1821. Died November 24, 1843, age 22. Wife of Alonzo T. Lyon. Age 22 years, 7 months, and 6 days.

Esther Ann Lyon. Born January 1833. Died June 18, 1848, age 15. Daughter of Aaron & Malinde Lyon.

John F, Lyon. Born May 1858.Died February 6, 1861, age 2 years, 9 months.

Leeman Lyon. Born 1837. Died November 24, 1854, age 16-17.


Ann Maria Macomber. Age 13 months. She was the daughter of Melzar and Annis Thayer Macomber.

Annis Thayer Macomber. Born October 29, 1803. Died July 5, 1868. Wife of Melzar Macomber. Buried in Old Kingsville Corners Cemetery.

Melzar Macomber. July 1799. Died February 5, 1859, age 59. Revolutionary War Veteran.   In the early 1830s, Melzar Macomber sold some of his land for the site of the Methodist Church.

Daniel Maltby. Died September 21.

Died October 17, 1812. Daughter of Ira and Emily Maltby 9 years. Sister of Mary Maltby

Mary A. Maltby. Died October 13, 1836. Daughter of Ira and Emily Maltby. Sister of Lydia Maltby

Esther Jeanette Reynolds Manning.  Born 1816. Died March 19, 1842 at age 25-26. In memory of
Esther J. Manning Wife of M.M. Manning who died March 19, 1842

Unknown Marstin.  Born 1771. Died September 6, 1838 at age 66-67. Wife of N. Marstin. Age 67y.

Charles Merriman. Died December 1865, in Ashtabula County, Ohio.

Electa Merriman. Born December 31, 1785. Died May 17, 1858.

Lois J. Mitchell.  Born 1832. Died February 18, 1860, age 27 years, 6 months. Wife of C.P. Mitchell.

Mary I. Mitchell.  Born 1846. Died April 11, 1850. Age 3-4. Daughter of S. & M. Mitchell.  Age 3 years and 8 months.

Amos Morse. Born 1799.  Died May 26, 1852, age 52-53.

Elizabeth Morse. Died April 6, 1859. Wife of Ives Morse. 1767-1846. Married 1787.

Ives Morse. Born 1767. Died August 29, 1846. Age 79 years.

Simon Morse. Born 1833. Died November 1, 1864. Age 31.

Anson Munsell.  1796.  Died July 4, 1856.  Husband of Polly Munsell.

Mathilda C. Munsell.  Age 31 years.

Polly Munsell.  Born 1801. Died August 1869. Wife of Anson Munsell. Aged 68.


Catherine Neno.  Born 1811. Died December 19, 1852.  Age 41 years. Wife of F. Neno.

Burrell Newton. Born June 14, 1796 in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Died August 16, 1869 in Plymouth, Ashtabula County, at age 76.  Eliza Adams Newton, Spouse.

Caroline Morril Brown Newton.  Born May 12, 1824, in Vermont. Died April 20, 1911 in Kingsville at age 86. Her father was Peter Brown of Vermont and her mother Sarah Preston of Vermont. She married Harvey P. Newton in Ashtabula County, Ohio, on October 30, 1845.  Harvey Newton, and his wife, Caroline Brown, from Conneaut, are among our older and most esteemed citizens.[4]

Chloe Todd Newton. Born in 1791 in Connecticut. She died on October 15, 1862 in Kingsville at age 71. Miles Newton was her husband.

Eliza Adams Newton. Born October 8, 1796 in Northbridge, Massachusetts. She died on April 19,1890, in Plymouth, Ashtabula County, at age 93. She was married to Burwell Newton.

Eliza Adams Newton. Born February 25, 1825. Died January 2, 1848, at age 22. She was the daughter of Burwell and Eliza Adams Newton.

Little Frankie Newton.  Born April 15, 1867.  Died on October 16, 1868 at one year and six months old. Son of C and Z. M, Newton.              

Mathilda Newton. Born 1819. Died May 11, 1842 at age 23. Daughter of Samuel and Betsey Newton. or Miles and Betsey Newton.

Miles Newton. Born 1790 in Litchfield, Connecticut and died on October 17, 1849 at age 59. Chloe Todd Newton was his wife.

Samuel Newton. Born 1788. Died July 9, 1845 at age 57.

Captain Samuel Newton. Born 1794.  Died July 20, 1838 at age 44.  GAR

Sarah Newton.  Born in 1790. Died May 27, 1815, at age 25.  She was the daughter of Samuel and Betsy Newton.    check whose daughter she was.

Amos Noyes. Died April 8, 1836. Son of D.M. Noyes.

Daniel Noyes. Born 1756. Died January 24, 1852, at age 86. His wife was Mary Noyes.

H.N. Noyes. Born 1798. Died October 3, 1843 at age 45. Son of D &M Noyes.

Mahala Parker Noyes. Born 1807. Died September 1849 at age 42.

Mary Noyes.   Born in 1777. Died September 6, 1838 at age 67. Wife of Daniel Noyes.

Mary C. Noyes. Born about 1849. Died March 12, 1854 at age 5 years. Daughter of B.S. & Nancy Noyes.

Polly Noyes. Born 1804. Died May 2, 1836 at age 32. She was the daughter of D and M Noyes



Sally Palmer.  Born February 1793. Died October 25, 1843, at age 50. Wife of Orlando Palmer.

Mahala Parker.  Died September 8, 1849, at age 42.  Wife of E. Parker and daughter of D & M. Noyes.

Sarah Ann Peck.  Born 1840.  Died April 4, 1842, age 2. Daughter of Erachus and Candance Peck.

Mary E. Phelps. Born July 1835. Died December 1857 at age 22 years, 5 months. Wife of Jed S. Phelps.

Stiles Preston. Born July 23, 1859. Died August 4, 1861 at age 2. Only child of K & E Preston.



Lucy Radour.  Died October 4, 1800. Age two years.

Eleanor Clark Ransom.  December 30, 1806. Died January 21, 1888, at age 81. Spouse Thomas J. Ransom. Married 1820.

Thomas J. Ransom. Born February 12, 1802, in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Died June 21, 1867 at age 65. Spouse is Eleanor Clark Ransom.

Ann Rawson.  Born 1817. Died September 27, 1863 at age 46. Wife of John Rawson.

Laura A. Rayner. Born 1839. Died December 3, 1861 at age 21.

Corinna Gillett Rice. Born May 22, 1772, in Connecticut. Died October 4, 1851, at age 79. Married Russell Loomis in 1791. He died in 1816. Wife of Samuel Rice.

Samuel Rice. Born 1772. Died October 22, 1853, at age 81. Wife, Corinna Gillett Rice.

Almira Richards. Born in 1805.  Died April 28, 1836 at age 31. Wife of Ray P. Richards.

Perry C. Rogers. Born 1847. Died March 17, 1857, age 10. Son of R.H. and H.M. Rogers.

Philena Bugbee Rundel. Born March 2, 1809 in Massachusetts.   Died May 24, 1862 at age 53.  Wife of Milton E Rundel.

John Lester Runyan. Born September 27, 1864, in Williamsfield, Ohio.  Died October 11, 1934, at age 70.  Spouse was Luna Estella Bates Runyan. They married in 1892.


Albert M. Sharp.  Died February 8, 1815 (or 1875).

Celestia A. Smith.  Born 1817. Died March 16, 1860, at age 43.

Horace D. Smith. 1836. Died November 12, 1836 at 10 months old. Son of James and Clarissa Smith.

J. E. Smith. 1845-1909, Civil War Veteran. Co. G 20th Heavy Artillery. G.A.R.

Nathaniel Smith.

Wilbur J. Smith.  Born January 1852. Died June 23, 1861, at age 9. Son of J.C. and C.M. Smith.

Wilbur Jay Smith. 1864. Civil War. GAR Marker

Polly Snow.  Born October 9, 1782. Died February 21, 1859, age 76. Formerly the wife of Nathan Russell.

Josiah Southard. Born 1790.  Died May 19, 1857 at age 67. Spouse Huldah White Southard. GAR Flag? War of 1812.

Huldah White Southard. Born February 1796 in Strafford, Vermont. Died March 21, 1861 at age 65.

Esther Sperry. Wife of Hervey Sperry.  Died September 25, 18……

Maria K. Sperry.  Born 1826. Died February 9, 1852, at age 26. Daughter of Maria and Hervy Sperry.

Betsy K.  Stanton. Died October 7, 1825.

Lucy Ufford Stanton. Died March 8, 1848. Wife of Andrew Stanton.

Ruel Stanton.  Died in 1862.

Laura E. Stratton.  Born November 2, 1839. Died August 4, 1840 at age 9 months. Daughter of James and M. Stratton.

Nancy Stratton. Born January 1, 1805 in Pennsylvania. Died February 9, 1838, age 34.  Wife of James Stratton.


Betsey Corey Taft. Born April 17, 1782 in Bennington County Vermont. Died November 10, 1858 at age 76. She was the wife of Ebenezer Taft.

Ebenezer Taft. Born June 1771 in Massachusetts.  Died September 29, 1849 at age 78.  Spouse of Betsey Corey Taft.

Ira Taft. Born 1804 in New York. Died April 17, 1863 at age 59. Son of Ebenezer and Betsey Corey Taft.

Louise Daniel Taft.  Born in 1808. Died March 23, 1858 at age 50. Wife of Ira Taft.

Son of I and L Taft, age 16 days.

Matthew Taft. Born March 13, 1762 in Pelham, Massachusetts.

Celestia Teasdale, Born 1827.  Died April 13, 1848 at age 21. Wife of M. Teasdale.

Elizabeth Tinker.  October 16, 1871. Wife of Silas Tinker.

Silas Tinker. Died February 28, 1876.  89 years old. Spouse of Elizabeth Tinker. Veteran of the War of 1812.

Maria K. Tinker. Born 1826. Died February 9, 1852, aged 26. Wife of C.B. Tinker and daughter of Harvey and Esther Sperry.

Mary Ann Tinker. Born 1817. Died in 1838 at age 21. Daughter of Silas and Elizabeth Tinker.

Wilbur Tinker. Died September 10, 1800.

Celestia Tisdale. Born August 1796. Died April 13, 1818 at age 21. Wife of Wolcott M. Tisdale.

Margaret A. Tisdale. Born 1832. Died February 3, 1854 at age 21. Wife of W.M. Tisdale.

Sally Tisdale. Died December 7, 1860. Age?? Wife of Wolcott M. Tisdale.




John F.  Died February 6, 1851.


Perry C.  Died March 17, 1857.

Sally………. Palmer


Sarah Adelaide Wakefield. Born in 1846. Died August 18, 1866, at the age of 20.  Daughter of Don and W.

Jemima S. Wood Walker. Born in 1798. Died in 1885 at age 87. Wife of Josiah Walker.

Albert E. Ward. Born in 1845. Died February 9, 1865 at age 20. Son of L & S Ward.  POSSIBLY A VETERAN.

Hannah Ward. Died May 22, 1856. Wife of Elijah Ward.

Lysander John Ward. Born 1817. Died December 15, 1883 at age 56. Spouse was Susan Ballard Ward.

Mehitable Whipple Ward. Born September 12, 1798. Died May 9, 1868 age 69. Spouse of Samuel Ward.

Samuel Ward. Born February 4, 1782. Died August 17, 1859 at age 77. Spouse of Mehitable Whipple Ward.

Susan Ballard Ward. Born October 14, 1821 in Bristolville, Trumbull County.  Died January 19, 1922, at age 100. She was married to Lysander John Ward.

William L. Warner.  Born in 1852. Died August 6, 1855 at age 3.  Son of Augustus and Cornelia Warner On same stone as Lucia Welton. He is grandson of Lucia and Ephron Welton.

Edwin Way. Born January 1832.  Died September 29, 1833 at age one. Son of Elihu and Ann Way.

Emily D. Way. Born 1841. Died September 21, 1852 at age 11.  Her sister is Julia Way.

Joseph L. Way.  Died March 21, 1844 at age 80.

Julia H. Way. Born 1837. Died December 19, 1850 at age 13.

Mary Way. Born 1834. Died April 17, 1836 at age two. She was the daughter of Elihu and Ann Way.

Clark Webster. Born February 2, 1774. Litchfield, Connecticut.  Died March 1, 1848 at age 74 in Kingsville. His spouse was Naaman Hall Webster.

Darwin P. Webster. Born June 1873.  Died December 28, 1873 at the age of six months. He was the son of E.M. and E.A. Webster.

Eadom P. Webster. Born June 1853. Died December 28, 1853 at the age of six months. He was the son of B.W. and E.A. Webster.   CHECK WRONG DATES

Elijah Webster.  Born March 29, 1755 in Litchfield, Connecticut.  Died July 13, 1843 at age 88. Revolutionary War Veteran.

Spouse was Martha Clark Webster.

Elizabeth Webster. Born 1795. Died July 19,1828 at age 33.  Wife of Ozius Webster.

Elizabeth Clark Webster born in Litchfield, Connecticut in April 1755.  Death October 18, 1842 at age 87. Spouse was Michael Webster. They were married in 1774. The parents of Clark Webster, Michael and Elizabeth Clark Webster, early settlers in Jefferson, spent a part of their later life in Kingsville. They died here, he at nearly 104, she at eighty-seven years of age, and now sleep together in our old cemetery — ancestors of a FAMILY OF PHYSICIANS.

H.O. Webster. Co. I -87th Ohio Infantry.

Lizah Webster. Born 1755. Died July 13, 1843 at age 88.

Luman Webster. Born February 5, 1781 in Litchfield, Connecticut. Died April 3, 1853 at age 72. The son of Michael and Elizabeth Clark Webster. His spouse was Eliza Gillette Webster. They were married in 1824.

Martha Clark Webster. Born 1755 in Litchfield, Connecticut.  Died November 5, 1824 at age 69.

 Spouse Elijah Webster. They were married in 1760.

Michael Webster. Born May 8, 1748 in Litchfield, Connecticut. He died February 15, 1850, age 101.  His spouse was Elizabeth Clark Webster. His father, Timothy Webster. He was a Revolutionary War veteran.

Naamah Hall Webster. Born 1774. Died September 39, 1843, age 69. Spouse was Clark Webster.

W.G. Webster. Co. I, 87th Ohio Infantry Civil War

Ephron Welton.  Died January 2, 1862. Spouse was Lucia Welton.

Lucia Welton.  Born 1805. Died August 4, 1855 at age 50.

Willard A. Welton. Born 1830. Died February 19, 1862, age 32.

Daniel H. H. Wheaton. 1842-1871. Civil War. Co, G. 106th Regular 8th. Volunteers (Listed in Lulu Falls)

Frank Whitman. Born November 1854. Died April 9, 1855 at the age of five months. Son of P and E Whitman.

Isaac W. Wheaton. 1835-1890. 2nd Lt. DOLA. Civil War.1861-1865 GAR (Listed in Lulu Falls)

Wood. Born 1798. Died 1875 at age 77. Wife of Josiah Walker.

Cloe Wood.  Born 1803. Died October 21, 1826 at age 23. Spouse of David Wood Jr.

David Wood, Jr. Born 1788. Died July 4, 1845 at age 57.

David Judson Wood.  Born 1838. Died January 5, 1863 at age 25.

Andrew Woodbury. Born 1767. Died May 4, 1854 at age 87.

Frances Dallas “Fannie” Shelton Woodbury.  Frances “Fanny” Dallas Shelton was born on Oct. 6, 1842 in Sprigg Twp, Adams County, Ohio to Alexander L. Shelton and Sophia Shelton. She married Robert Woodbury on July 6, 1865. She died on March 31, 1922 at age 79.

Henrietta Harry Woodbury. Died October 18, 1857. She was the daughter of Frank and Sarah Harry.

Marietta D. Woodbury. Born 1833.Died October 18, 1857 at age 24. She was the wife of George W. Woodbury.

Mary Woodbury. Born 1780. Died March 24, 1840 at age 60.

Milford Woodbury. Born 1837. Died November 27, 1851 at age 14.

Robert Woodbury was born on Nov. 7, 1841 to Whulen P. Woodbury and Louisa Duey. he married Frances Shelton on July 6, 1865. He was Justice of Peace. He died on March 17, 1915 at age 73.

Wilford Woodbury. Born 1838.

Charlie T. Wright.  Born 1846. Died August 27, 1855 at age 9.

Son of AlvinNorton Wright and Jane Elizabeth (Taft) Wright.

Ida Wright. Daughter of Alvin Norton Wright and Jane Elizabeth (Taft) Wright

Ida Jane Wright.  Born in 1856. Died October 1, 1858 at two years of age.

Clarissa Flower Wyman.  Born 1804. Died May 22, 1829 at age 25. Wife of Guy Wyman. Daughter of Timothy & Clarissa F.




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