Presbyterian People and Places

Top Row Left Barb Howard. 5. Bruce Robishaw 6. 8.Donnie Fenton 7. Mar Roerdany
1. 2. 3.4.Leslie Dauplese 5. KKathie Couplese6. Chris Thiele 7.
Left to right
O Laughlin; Paul Cedar, Kingsville Presbyterian Church; Earl Kester, Kingsville Presbyterian Church; Chuck Hawn; Joe Kray, Kingsville Presbyterian Church; Claude Hawn; Howard Blenman, Kingville Presbytertian Church; Jim Miller, Kingsville Presbyterian Church; Bob Marr, Kingsville Presbyterian Church;
Truck: Chuck Hawn or Burr Blakeslee; Chuck Resley, Kingsville Presbyterian Church
Bill Loomis, Kingsville Presbyterian Church; Gene Moroski, Kingsville Presbyterian Church; Bud Colby, Kingsville Presbyteritan Church; Tom Ognon, Kingsville Presbyterian Church;—–Myers; Ed Goode; Bob Keller, Kingsville Presbyterian Church; Hawdy Sinclair; Kingsville Presbyterian Church
(Left to right) Claude Hawn; Clifton Porter’ Bob Marr’ Chuck Hawn’ Gene Moroski; Bob Swanson; Burr Blakeslee’ Clarence Huey.
Ed Goode; Curley Stevens; Harold Bowdler; Bob Eastman
Left to Right Anthony KIrk; John KIrk, sons of Connie Stevens Kirk and John Kirk; Amanda Taylorm daughter of Tracy and Bob Taylor; Patricia Lewis, daughter of Coleen and Calvin Lewis; Hallie, Robbie, and Hanna Wiese, children of Janet and Joey Wiese.
“Games People Play” is the title of movement two of the play “Everything Out of the Garden”, which will be presented by the Kingsville and North Kingsville Presbyterian Youth Fellowships at 7 p.m. April 28 at Kingsville Elementary School. Acting out the scenes are Ron Keller (middle), and from left, Susan Roerdanz; Jamie Theiss; Lori Robishaw; Annette Roerdanz; Mark Roerdanz; and Robert Headley. The play is directed by Bill Daywalt.
Candy Cutters
. (Left to right) Frances Blenman’ Judy Talso; Krista Sutch; Rowyn Rogers’;Bernice Day; Virginia Sherwood;Nadine Morowski; Carolyn Porlec; Phyllis Shinault
Sheila Branch
(Left to Right) Henry Dekker, Bev Newbold, and Larry Moroski.
Kate Vosberg; Mrs. Roney; Calista McNutt; Reverend Roney; Ken Keller’ Ethel Robsion
Front Row
Howard Keller; Claude Robison; John Keller
Jack and Leona Keller, Kingsville Presbyterian Church Members
Mary Novak, Kingsville Presbyterian Church Secretary,
Sharon Scott
Ken and Eula J. Allen, Kingsville Presbyterian Church members
Mae and Joy Bethel, daughters of Reverend and Mrs. Howard Bethel, a pastor of Kingsville Presbyterian Church
Dough and Carolyn and NOrma and Keith, 1992. Kingsville Presbyterian Church members.
Donna Lou Bowdler