Prayer List

Glen Beagle, Sandy Bennett, Gordon Bovee, Russell Bovee, Sheila Branch, Arnold Carlson, Wes Crawford, Cindy Daywalt, Shareen DeGasbarro, Kelly Encell, Arnie Esterer, Ruth Fedor, George Ferguson, Mary Ann and Richard Ferguson, Joey Fireovid, Donna Hanson, Alan Headley, The Lake Family, Julie Lakota, Julie McKay, Rich Newbold, Charles and Nancy Page, Blaine Pickens, Shelby Schwotzer,Phyllis Shinault, Jane Silva, Caleb and Oliver Smith, Linda Stone, Diana Theiss, Reverend Walsh, and John Watson.

Prayer Requests

Pray for the continued recovery of Sandy Bennett’s son who had emergency surgery for a perforated bowel a few days ago.

Need prayers for Ronald Branch, Richard’s older brother.  He is having outpatient surgery on Monday in Columbus.Not a great time to be in hospital.

Please pray for Inez Gaumer, ill in the hospital.

Send your prayer requests to Kingsville Presbyterian Church Pastor Bill Daywalt.