Pastor Bills Mission Messages: God Cares for the Homeless

God has a great deal to say about homelessness.  Throughout scripture we can find references to God’s response to the homeless.



  1. The Bible Jesus knew what it was like to be homeless
  2. Paul experienced homelessness
  3. David was homeless for years
  4. Moses was homeless after fleeing Egypt
  5. In Biblical times, loving your neighbor meant regularly giving to the poor and destitute
  6. God cares for the homeless, the poor and needy, the fatherless and widows, the immigrants and foreigners, afflicted and suffering, the helpless and hungry, the lonely and brokenhearted, the blind and broken, the prisoner and oppressed.
  7. God delights in raising up the humble and righteous person to a position of honor.
  8. God cares for the helpless
  9. God judges the oppressors of the poor and destitute
  10. God blesses the righteous person who assists the destitute

In February your mission team will be providing assistance to local agencies that work to assist the plight of the homeless.

I will be sharing statistics of homelessness during next Sunday’s worship.

 Pastor Bill