Light Three Advent Candles A Day Before Advent, December 16, 2020

Light and listen to three Advent Candles a day in this week before Christmas and celebrate the birth of the Christ Child with us this joyous season.

Just So You Know: This Advent Candle Service proved to be a challenge in perseverance, self control, love of music and church, and sprinting to the finish line. My fault mostly. I made it far too long which challenged the capabilities of Powerpoint, Word Press, You Tube, and Facebook. Finally, duh!, I shortened it which made is possible to post it to You Tube and Facebook. (Please view on both), But that made this version of it different, /This version on our website is the original long version, Please enjoy them and thank God for the blessings He has given us during this difficult year of disease, despair, and yet renewed hope and love and faith in Him. Kathy