Laugh and Pray to Lighten the Day -2

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A blind guy goes to the Passover Seder and someone passes him a piece of matzah. He runs his fingers over it and loudly exclaims, “Who wrote this garbage!?”

When my son William was young, we belonged to a small country church. On Communion day, deacons would pass around the “Bread and juice.”

One Sunday we attended a church out of town that was more forma. What our church called “bread and juice,,” this one referred to as elements, a word William didn’t understand.

As Communion began, the pastor said,”If the deacons will come forward, the elements will pass among us.”

William was suddenly excited and I didn’t know why. Then he leaned toward me, whispering something that caused me to burst out laughing. With all eyes on us, I took him by the hand and we made a hasty exit. All the way to the car, he protests, “Mom, we’re going to miss the circus. The pastor said the elephants were going to pass among us!”

In the foyer of a church, a young boy was looking at a plaque with the names of men and women who had died in various wars. He asked the pastor, “Who are these people?”

The pastor said, “Those are members from our church who died in the service.”

The boy asked, “The early service or the second service?”

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