Bev’s Beatitudes -Rocky’s Further Adventures

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 I think I may have seen Rocky Raccoon out back near the beginning of our woods.  You may remember him from one of my earlier beatitudes.  I didn’t see any little “Rockettes” with him although I am sure there must be some.

 When he left the hole in the big tree by my deck, I have not been certain where he may have ventured.  I have continued to leave bread or fruit on one side of the bird feeder, and each next day, it is always gone.

When the flower bed, filled with vinca vine, was completely in bloom, I realized there was a pathway from the east graveled walk, crossing the vines, to directly below the bird feeder.   A large trampled area indicated that Rocky may have sat down for a bit to eat his bread.  The path then went west across the vinca vine to the backyard.  From that point, Rocky would have gone past the hedges and out to the large mowed grassy area and the thicket of trees in the back.

 I somehow felt that Rocky must have a family in the wild roses and dogwood bushes because it would be difficult for him to eat that much bread and fruit at one sitting!  He must be taking some home to his little ones.

 The wooded area at our “back 40” is a safe haven for other critters who reside there – rabbits and deer, possums, lots of birds and quite a few dreadful snakes.  (They make my skin crawl.  When I was little, I skipped barefoot on a snake that looked like piece of tree bark covered with moss!)

  Oh well, back to Rocky’s story.  It is good to know that he wants to live near us.  I am confident he comes around at night because our little beagle, Sammie, begs to go out on the deck.  Then she spends forever sniffing everywhere.  Thank goodness it’s Rocky and not a skunk!

I think Rocky finds it peaceful and quiet at our place.  He doesn’t seem to venture to the front of our house, where the highway would be a danger to him.

Every once in a while, he does try to get into the garbage can but only succeeds in knocking it over.  After all the bread he gets, I can’t figure out what the can must hold to tempt him.

 It is good to be a welcome shelter to him at this time.  Life is so uncertain, unstable and uneasy right now.  We all need a place of refuge – a place to feel safe and out of harm’s way.  That is what loving God can be to each of us if we allow our hearts to open to him.  God protects us always, even in the most difficult of times.  As I take note of all the many people around me, I see his protection at work as we have been spared from this awful invading virus.  I thank Him each day to continue to be with my family and friends, and keep us well.

Please pray with me:

 Heavenly Father, we are so grateful for the sheltering grace you have bestowed upon each of us.  We ask that you offer refuge to other places around us and help those who are suffering from the dangers of the virus.  We know your healing power and ask that you grant a return to health of all those who are ill.  Be with the ones who cannot be healed and shelter them safely to your loving presence.  For you are and always will be our hope and protection.

In the name of your loving son, Jesus.  AMEN.

Bev Newbold