Guppy II and the Messenger

By Jan Volk

Guppy II ponders God and the Kingsville Presbyterian Church and how much they both love the church and its people.  Guppy II has again taken up writing for a larger than a fishbowl congregation, and The Messenger has been on the church website since January. Please welcome both and follow their devotional lead!

Laughter is God’s medicine, the most beautiful therapy God ever gave humanity. Jesus wants us to be happy and joyful. Many think Christians should look sour like a pickle, when the should really show great joy. Proverbs 17:22. I praise God or the sense of humor passed down to me by my Irish fishy ancestors. It is the marvelous ingredient I use to oil the sticky places in everyday life. A drop can reduce friction and ease tension. What a blessing to see the laughing side of myself and others. I believe humor can prevent symptoms from becoming an illness and without it, situations become problems and cures take much longer.

I also praise people God has sent into my life with their “medicine droppers” of good cheer. My doctor has relieved my mind so many times with their light words. My parents raised me with an easygoing philosophy and fish friends laugh with me, not at me, when I have “one of those days.”

God has me convinced he wants us happy. I am also convinced that happiness is the way we travel instead of a destination to seek. Jesus told the world that He came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly; Let’s share joy with those who lack it.   Are you able to laugh at yourself and with others?  In what way does Christ contribute to your happiness?

Until next time, I love you all.

Guppy II

(Editor’s note: This Guppy II devotional originally appeared in The Kingsville Presbyterian Church newsletter, The Messenger, on March 15, 2000. The other side of the page contained these events taking place in the church at that time.)

Memories:  Kingsville Presbyterian Church, The Messenger, March 15, 2000

Pastor Bonnie Is Installed

“To God’s beloved people called the Kingsville Presbyterian Church. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a special day you made out of the Service of Installation as I officially became your pastor.

Days of preparation-cleaning, polishing, cooking, singing, praying.

Hours of setting up, serving, and taking down.

It was a perfect day (even the weather- who arranged that?) The service was full of God’s presence. The meal was wonderful. The fellowship was fun.

All in celebration of our new ministry together. May God keep us joyfully searching for what that ministry needs to be.

I can only end as I began.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Pastor Bonnie

In Memory of Our Friend

When Evelyn Robishaw passed away recently, our church family lost a very true and dear friend. I know that she will be missed by all.

When I think of Evelyn, I feel the loss of someone who was not just the mother of my friends Lori and Bruce, but a friend of mine as well. I remember Evelyn helping with the youth fellowship. I remember directing Evelyn in the choir many years ago, and more recently singing with her in the choir.  I remember always receiving a birthday card from Evelyn. My birthday was easy for her to remember as it is the same day as Lee’s. I remember being home for a visit from college and going out for coffee and visiting with Evelyn to catch up. I remember her for her caring, her smile, her happy attitude, her friendship, and of course, her water bottle. (That memory may be only familiar to members of the choir.)

I know that we will all miss Evelyn’s involvement in the church, her presence in the choir, and her friendship. I know that she will be missed as a wife and mother.

I hold this loss in my heart with all of the memories and times spent with Evelyn. I believe she would want it that way. We can rest in the assurance that she is with God.

With these thoughts, I am reminded of a poem by Helen Steiner Rice.

“There’s Always a Spring Time”

After the winter comes the spring,

To show us again in everything

There’s always renewal divinely planned,

Flawless, perfect, the work of God’s hand.

And just like the seasons that come and go

When the flowers of spring lay buried in snow,

God sends to the heart in its winter of sadness

A spring time awakening of new hope and gladness,

And loved ones who sleep in a season of death

Will, too, be awakened by God’s life-giving breath.

All who believe in God’s mercy and grace,

Will meet their loved ones face to face

Where time is endless and joy unbroken

And only the words of God’s love are spoken.


Bill Daywalt