Guppy Fins

As told to Jan Volk

Guppy Fins:  Pray While You Walk

While you are taking your daily walk, notice the wonder all around you, the wonder of our Lord. It is a good time to pray. Prayer walking puts your prayers on the street where they belong. Prayer isn’t just for church you know. It’s for the world around you. Prayer walking is great because it satisfies your need to be active and doing things and your need to reflect and meditate. “Be still and know that I am God.”.

Keys to Rewarding Prayer Walks

  • Retreat Get Away
  • Rethink Notice the world around you, the world that you don’t see from the house or car.
  • Remember. Reflect on memories, good and bad.
  • Repent.. Make a decision for some positive change in your behavior, your responses to people, to God’s call for you.

To continue benefits, prayer walk often and regularly. The benefits of repeated exercise are long lasting and dramatic.

Prayer Prints

Circles in the Sand

When our lives dig circles in the sand,

Footsteps wandering in a strange land,

Walking where we don’t understand,

Then it is time to take God’s hand.