Donkey Pride and Palms

Donkey Pride and Palms

The wind sighs in my ears,

 My eyes trace his shadow stretching across the grass

My back stiffens with donkey pride

No man has ridden me, no man will.

I toss my head challenging the wind,

Challenging Him.

My soul follows the wind

Unbound by heart.

Clouds of dust follow

The sandals of the two men,

Who came for me.

My master slipped a halter around my neck,

A rope around my pride

The wind returned my soul

Cracked and broken  

They led me to the shadow man,

Who searched my heart through his eyes,

And my soul welcomed back freedom.

I smoothed several palms with my feet,

He rode me to Jerusalem

I returned alone with a broken heart.

But now I know him

And He challenges me.