Comfort and Hope in God’s Creation: Lessons from Rocky Raccoon

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Rocky Raccoon and Communion?

There is a raccoon hiding in a hollowed-out opening in the big maple tree by my deck.  The maple has been there for about seventy-five years and is slowly losing its branches.  I know that it is going to have to be taken down before too much longer as it is a danger to the roof of the house.  But right now, on this very windy day, it is extending a welcoming shelter to the raccoon.

I tossed a piece of stale bread into the opening to the raccoon.  It stared back at me with frightened eyes before bowing its head to eat the bread.

I am reminded of the communion we have with one another.  Sharing bread and a cup of juice connects us in one body together with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Like the maple tree, Christ shelters us from the winds that blow us off course sometimes.  He brings us back into His Grace when we seek His forgiveness and remember why He sacrificed His body and blood for us.

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Such a simple act, eating the bread and drinking from the cup, for such an enormous gift that is given to each of us!

Rocky Moves on and We Need to Move on with God

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Today I checked the maple tree by the deck to see how my little friend, Rocky Raccoon (that’s what I named him), was doing.  Alas, he has moved on to another safe haven.  Something in his nature must have encouraged him to make that change.

Each of us at one time or another finds it necessary to make changes in the way we live our lives.  Like Rocky, we cannot hide away in “a hole in a tree” indefinitely.  God expects us to think more of doing for others than isolating ourselves in a cozy and comfortable place where we feel safe.

We have His work to do.  We must venture forth in order to care for the needs of others.  What purpose have we served if it is to serve only for our own needs?

Jesus spent his ministry roaming from place to place, spreading the word of God to as many people as possible.  He did not know each day where He might find nourishment or a place of rest.  Yet He did not cease his journeys to teach others about God’s love and salvation.

We must also do the same.  Sharing the word of God with the world around us is the task that God has given to us.  There is no satisfaction in keeping it to ourselves.  Like Jesus, let each of us be willing to freely share the Good News of our love for the Father and His Son.


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Lord, You have always shown us Your love in the many things You have done for us.  In these times that are so difficult right now, help us to continue to search for ways to let others know that You are there for Your children.  It is a blessing to enlighten others with Your word and Your love.   AMEN.

Bev Newbold

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