Chaper Eight: Strong and Steadfast in the Spirit, 1980-1990

Chapter Eight – 1980-1990

News and Notes

Kingsville United Presbyterian Church

June 1981

A memorial service is planned for Ann O’Bell at the church on Sunday June 14 at 4 p.m.

The new floor has been laid in the dining room and hallway of the fellowship hall and it is beautiful. Many thanks to the men of the church who put in many long hours laying the sub floor and thus kept the labor cost down.  Gary Stevens, Bob Sherwood, Norm Thorpe, Ray Simmons, Jim Shinault, Chuck Page, Bud Nichols, Bob Keller, Jay Camplese, Reverend Baxter, and Mike and Scott Sherwood. And a big thank you to the Thiel’s and Doan Upholstery who donated all the staples used to lay the sub-floor.

Our flooring fund has suprassed the ¼ mark of its goal. If you wish to help out with the cost of the floor, a $ 12 donation will pay for one square yard of linoleum. Please help us reach our goal.

The trees in front of the church and shrubs along the walk of the ahll were given in memory of August Braunbeck and Harold Robison by Reverend and Mrs. John Eakin. We thank the Eakins for the beautiful additons to our yards.

The following people spent a bright spring morning planting the shrubs, and we thank them:  Bev, Robbie, and Jamie Newbold; Carol, Susan, John, and Jim Budd; Bob, Mike, and Scott Sherwood. Special thanks to Bruce Robishaw and Bob Sherwood for planting the trees.  

Kingsville United Presbyterian Church

Kingsville, Ohio

Reverend Craig H. ZumBrunnen

April 8, 1984

We were saddened by the  loss of Genevieve McCausland this past Wednesday. Our sympathy is extended to her family and many friends. She will be sadly missed.

The combined choirs from our church, the Gageville Methodist and Kingsville Baptist Churchs will present a cantata entitled, “The Third Day,” this evening at 7:30 in the Baptist Church.

Church Officers

Secretary, Barbara Sherwood

Treasurer, Lauretta Lute

Financial Secretary, Marty Robishaw

Organist, Carolyn Herl

Choir Director, Sally Fodor

Board of Session

Clerk, Norman Thorpe

Class of 1984

Ruth Carle

Robert Sherwood

Phyllis Shinault

Jane Silva

Class of 1985

Robert Dunne

Nancy Page

Allyn Thiel

Norman Thorpe

Class of 1986

Ron Budd

Ted Robishaw

Alice Shiflet

Gordon Shiflet

Board of Deacons

Vice-Moderator, Lauretta Lute

Class of 1984

Virginia Keller

Marianne Thiel

Nancy Dunne

Class of 1985

Viola Carle

Martha Robishaw

Gloria Stevens

Betty Swanson

Class of 1986

Eleanor Carlson

Lauretta Lute

Mary Ann Thorpe

Donna Wentink

Board of Trustees

Chairman, Robert Keller

Class of 1984

Carol Hill

Robert Keller

Gary Stevens

Class of 1985

Audrey Corley

Charles Corley

Jan Volk

Class of 1986

Carolyn Herl

James Shinault

Russell Wentink

1985 Church Directory


Excerpts from the 1987 Annual Report of the Kingsville Presbyterian Church

Presented to the Congregation on January 24, 1988


In loving Memory of Those from among our church family who have entered the Church Eternal:  Christina Margaret Emerick.

New Members Welcomed in 1987

Gail Urch

Stacey Urch

Shelley Allen

Scott Allen

Mary Case

Public Baptisms in 1987

Shana Ray Thompson

Bradley Aaron Childs

Gail Dorothea Urch

Stacey Rene Urch

Timothy Raymond Urch

One Private Baptism

Marriages in 1987

Calvin L. Lewis and Colleen Bovee

Daniel A. Harper and Doris M. Hunter

Richard Laugen and Linda Hanson

Active Membership as of December 31, 1986…………….193

New members in 1987 by Profession of Faith………4

by Letter of Transfer………….1

Members lost by transfer…….2

Members lost in death…………1

Members placed on inactive roll…….15

Active membership as of December 31, 1987…….180

Services of communion….6

Church School

Number of students………….23 children, 12 adults

Number of teachers……….7

Number of officers……….1


Pastor’s Report, 1987

I have been here now for several months. As we complete another y ear an begin a new one, there are good vibes in the air around Kingsville Church, such as:

Yes, good things are happening around here:

So, you and your kind help just wrote my Pastor’s Report. Let us keep it up. Over and out.

Walt Case

Board of Session Annual Report for 1987

As we began 1987, our Session was in the mile of many tasks began in 1986 and yet to be completed. So, we came up for air, took a deep breath, and jumped back to work again. 1987 the became a year of ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

PEACEMAKING:  The collections at the Supper and Palm Sunday, were designated for “One Great Hour of Sharing.”   We joined in fellowship on Easter morning for a delicious breakfast served by the Sunday School before joining in worship together.

A contract we signed with Walter A. Case to serve as our Stated-supply minister for a period of one year, June 1, 1987, to May 31, 1988, renewable indefinitely, and with the option to call him as our permanent minister.

We voted to have the per capita Apportionment included in our budget and to make monthly payments to Presbytery to assure that the full amount due is paid on time.

Our mothers and daughters gathered for a delicious dinner at the Fellowship Hall on Monday in honor of Mother’s Day.

PEACE MAKING:  We gave help to Joseph, a wayfarer who needed a night’s lodging and meal.

PEACE MAKING:  We heard the Reverend Dick Watts speak from our pulpit on Memorial ay and heard the concerns and received the challenge of the Dream for Peace.

The Sunday School Account was transferred to the General Fund as a separate account so that all funds could be disbursed by the treasurer at the direction of the C.E. Committee.

Peacemaking:  Our guest speaker was Merdine Morris, President of Women’s Presbyterial, who had just returned from a trip to China and shared her beautiful slides and thoughts with us. We learned that the women of China pray for peace and cry with us.

The Planning and Personnel Committee (old Mission Committee) was disbanded and a trial Personnel Committee was established to serve for the balance of 1987.

PEACEMAKING. The collection for PEACEMAKING was made in special envelopes on World-Wide Communion Sunday.

HOMECOMING SUNDAY was celebrated with a pot-luck dinner following the church worship service. Mr. George Marling was guest discussion leader as members shared stories about the history of the church and Kingsville. Kenneth Mead displayed the model of his Priest Street home.

A resource notebook listing the various human service programs in our county, Presbytery, and nation was set up in the church office.

Mission amount for 1988:  40% will used in Ashtabula County programs, 30% for international programs, 20% for state programs and 10% for national programs.

We gathered for a “Festival of Music” and a roast pork dinner on Stewardship Sunday and rejoiced in sharing time, talents, and funds as we turned in our pledge sheets ’88.

Six of our new board members attended the “BIG EVENT” Leadership training at Fairmont.

PEACEMAKING:  We contributed food and money all through the year to the Deacon’s Needy Family Program. Thanksgiving baskets were packed and delivered by the Deacons as another part of this program.

We gathered in fellowship with North Kingsville for a Thanksgiving Eve Service at their church with Reverend Case as guest minister. The choirs combined to sing during the service.

PEACEMAKING:  The collection was designated to the Christmas “Joy” gift that was also collected at our church in special envelopes in December.

PEACEMAKING:  Our congregation purchased gifts for the “Giving Tree” and donated money, food, and gifts to the Area Minister’s Needy Family Christmas Basket Program.

We sponsored a Kingsville Community Christmas Carol Walk and invited the entire community to participate.

The birth of The Baby was celebrated with a candle lighting service of music and scripture on Christmas Eve with our families and friends joining us, filling the church to capacity.  

We gathered for a Family New Year’s Eve Party and each person lighted their candle as the New Year was ushered in.

What a milestone year it turned out to be! We said goodbye to the Shiflets, Kathy Camplese, and the Runyans, sending them to new homes, jobs, and responsibilities with our love and prayers. We welcomed the Cases with prayers of thankfulness and the hope that God’s blessing would be with them as they served in our community. We gave our thanks to the Reverend Kevin Horrigan, the Committee on Ministry, and our Presbytery for their help during the time of vacancy.

Indeed, one of the blessings of the year was that we learned of the great resource we have as members of our Presbytery. We learned at the workshops, enjoyed good speakers, gained from advice and wise counsel given by the leaders, and took many steps together, working sharing, and caring. It was exciting to be a part of that learning experience and I know that our new relationship with Presbytery and its good people will continue to flourish as we seek their help fulfilling our obligation of our stated supply ministry.

We now have the option (with the concurrence of our Session and the Presbytery Committee on Ministry) to renew Walter’s contract, change to an interim ministry assigned by Presbytery, another stated supply or to elect a pulpit nominating committee and begin the process to call a permanent minister to our pulpit . (a position that Reverend Case may candidate for). It sounds so awesome, but it is all a very natural step-by-step process that we follow to determine the best direction for our church.

As we begin the new year, may we all keep the members of our boards, especially our Session, in our daily prayers. May God continue to guide them and all our church members according to His loving will. May we grow closer as we work together to seek and do His will and serve our church and community.


Mary L. Novak, Clerk

Board of Deacons Annual Report for 1987

The Deacons for 1987 were Carol Brunell, Francis Clayman, Harriet Daywalt, Terri Daywalt, Iverna Doyle, Linda Kalinowski, Virginia Keller, Kathy Runyan, Beverly Skarlinski, Betty Swanson, Beverly Tanner, and Sheryl Taylor. Kathy Runyan resigned as a Deacon in September.

The Maundy Thursday service was held ‘April 16. The members of the Deacons Committee made soup, homemade bread, and served 80 people.

The Graduation Party for the seniors was held on May 31. Three graduates attended plus 35 church members.

In 1987, the Deacons held five Bakeless Bake sales and seven Bake sales.

The Deacons were happy to take turns in providing food for Nancy Page’s family while she was in hospital and also supplying the evening meal.

On June 1, 1987 Reverend Walter Case attended our meeting We were pleased to welcome him as our minister.

The Deacons’ Peacemaking efforts were really outstanding in the food and clothing effort to help the needy Francis Clayman delivered pounds and pounds of food and clothing to the Conneaut Food Pantry, Church of Christ in Conneaut, and clothes to the Mary Chatman center in Ashtabula.

The Deacons signed up for babysitting during the worship service for the summer months. Also, provided flowers for each month and set up for six Communion Services. At Thanksgiving time, the Deacons helped 3 families. We spent $100.00 from the Deacons’ Fund for fresh produce, fresh fruit, and meat.

The Deacons’ Christmas Cookie Exchange was a real success There were 28 people who participated. The Deacons delivered 18 plates of cookies to the shut-ins and 5 fruit plates to the Diabetics.

The Deacons were busy getting ready for Christmas. The gift “Giving Tree” was also a great success. The support given from the church members was great. Sheryl Taylor and Terri Daywalt made the ornaments for the tree. Deacon Betty Swanson decorated the church beautifully.

Several of the Deacons were very active packing food and delivering food and gifts to the needy for Christmas. The Deacons gave $600.00 to the Kingsville Area Minister Association to help with the Christmas food for the Needy. Also, this year we have given $400.00 to the Conneaut Food Pantry and $100.00 to people who need help in our community.

The Board of Deacons feels good about what we have provided for in 1987, and pray that in 1988 we will be able to accomplish more in our Peacemaking efforts and reach out to our entire community as a “Caring Church.”

Iverna Doyle

Board of Trustees Annual Report for 1987

The past year saw many projects completed. Early in the year we replaced the outside door in the music room. This is a steel insulated door with a panic bar. The storm door on the family room of the manse was replaced also the shower stall off the master bedroom had to be removed and a new unit installed.

In the Fellowship Hall, a programmable thermostat was placed into service on the main floor of the building. Russ Wentink painted two of the basement Sunday school rooms. The biggest amount of expense this year went to have the roof on the hall replaced which was over 40 years old.

The incorporation papers for our church were renewed. This must be done every five years.

We held three clean up days for yard work. Also, the Trustees oversaw the cleaning of the manse before the Cases moved in. Walt painted all the trim on the manse this summer. Also, insulation was installed in the crawl space beneath the family room.

The Trustee held regular monthly meetings, plus a few special called meetings in 1987. It might be noted, we have some stock given to us by Frank Eastman several years ago. This is General Public Utilities stock (they own Three Mile Island), We are now receiving a little return from this stock, $45.00 for the year.

My thanks to all who have helped over the past years while I have served as a Trustee.

Best Regards,

Bob Keller, Chairman

Report from the Sunday School – 1987

The Sunday School children began the year using the Presbyterian Church Peacemaking materials. W learned about what it means to be Peacemakers and how we can learn to follow Christs’ example. Our Peacemaking program concluded with an intergenerational event,” Peacemaking in the Family.”

In December, we began using the Augsburg Press materials which are designed to help the church proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The material seeks to help teachers and earners grow in four closely related areas: 1) faith, 2) community, 3) discipleship, and 4) life. Also, in December we had our second intergenerational program, a Christmas program which examined the giving of gifts and gave participants the chance to make gifts for someone.

In January we began STEP, Biblically, Systematical Training for Effective Parents, a course designed to help parents learn how to have a Christian home. This program helps parents practice effective parenting skills to reduce the frustration and to share in the joy that comes from Christian parenting.

The adult class has continued to focus on their Bible study. This year they have been studying the characters of the Bible.

We are studying adding the Kerygma Program to our Sunday School.

Average attendance is 23 children, 12 adults, and 7 teachers.


Rhea Dalrymple

Sunday School Superintendent

Sunshine Class – 1987 Annual Report

Sunshine Class couples and friends held 12 luncheon meetings during the year. An average of 20 were present at the meetings.

We had some of the group in hospital during the years. Bill Konnert and Emily Miller moved away to live with their families. 50th wedding anniversaries and birthdays were celebrated. Bus trips with Kings Tours were taken by some of the group.

Gifts were given to the church kitchen:  two thermal pitchers and a large pan.

President – Ruth Swanson

Secretary & Treasurer – Elizabeth (Betty) Huey

Kerygma Task Force

First Segment

“Introduction/Feed Back”

Educational Stimulation

Events, Quiz, Newsletter

Dialogue, Posters, etc.

Goal:   To interest the congregation to the Kerygma idea: to explore Kerygma as an alternative in our church school curriculum.

Objective:  To make the decision to initiate Kerygma alternative by April 14.

Kerygma Task Force is:

Evelyn Robishaw

Becky Hare

Frances Blenman

Walt Case

Norm Thorpe, ex officio

Rhea Dalrymple, ex officio

The word, kerygma, means “that which is proclaimed.” It refers to the ten great themes which recur again and again in the Bible, which tell the story of the people of God and how God works in history even until today, to fulfill this purpose. Kerygma helps people to read the bible like Dwight Moody did: “I read the Bible like I eat fish; I eat the meat and spit out the bones.”


Bits of Bulletins

The Kingsville Presbyterian Church

Minister, the Reverend Walter A. Case

February 7, 1988

Bev Newbold presented special music for the service. The title of Reverend Case’s sermon was “Helping Persons Up.”

The Sacrament of Infant Baptism will be observed today for Haley Nelson, daughter of Tom and Tami Nelson. The maternal grandparents are Nathan and Beverly Tanner.

May 27, 1988

We welcome today, Reverend Rob Shores, Chaplain at Ashtabula County Medical Center.

The Deacons will honor Edgewood High School graduates after the worship service at the Fellowship Hall. High school graduates to be honored:  Wally Brocklehurst, Jennifer Novak, Nichole Daywalt, Loren Hare, Tamara Thorpe.

Graduate of Cornell University:  Scott Hare

Graduate of Yale University: Lori Robishaw

Graduate of West Virginia University:  Andy Case

Families, friends, relatives, and all church people are invited to attend and join in as we all honor and congratulate these graduates.


Bits of Bulletins

Kingsville Presbyterian Church

June 11, 1989

Welcome to Outdoor Worship

  • Joint meeting Tuesday, June 13 at 7:00 PM, North Kingsville Church. Western Reserve Presbytery Resource Person, Nova Kordalski, will be present.
  • Wednesday, June 14, at 7:00 PM, there will be a meeting of the Session.
  • Prayer Houses. Our two volunteer coordinators are Joan Ezzone, 593-2408 along Route 20 and Joe Williams, 224-2558 along Route 84.
  • Vacation Bible School for all the community at The First Baptist Church, Route 193, and Creek Road. 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. June 19-23, 1989. Spread the word.
  • Flowers today in honor of Lori Larson for her 16th birthday.
  • Attendance last week:   97.

Do You Care About Your Church?

Announcing a Special Sunday – Kingsville Church

Sunday June 18, 1989   9:30 a.m.

A Service of Worship and Discussion

Sponsored by the Session of Kingsville Presbyterian Church

Brief Presentations-Lots of Discussion-Questions & Answers

You Are Wanted!