Comfort and Hope in God’s Creation: God of New Possibilities

God of New Possibilities,

We give thanks for Your constant reminder that You have a vision for our world that far exceeds our present realities. 

We are grateful for the courage and determination You make available to us to sustain our efforts to work for better relationships, justice and peace. 

Help us to find the language and the courage to share our own faith stories with each other, and to be open and honest and humble in all of our interactions. 

God, we pray for our world and those nations where violence and tyranny cause so much suffering.  We pray for those who do not have enough food to sustain them or water to quench their thirst. 

God, we feel so helpless at times. 

Help us to enact your command to love and to feed your sheep. 

For our world dealing with this pandemic

Help us with healing

Help our leaders with wise decisions

Help our scientists to find a cure

Be our light in this world, God. 


Pastor Bill Daywalt email him at: