Bev’s Beatitudes: Walking with God


Walking With God

I have always been a person who needs a place of solitude for a short time each day.  It is the way my soul is calmed and refreshed. 

My favorite place, weather permitting, is in the woods behind my house.  As I walk along, I begin a conversation with God.  Anyone, hearing me, would say, “Wow, that’s one crazy old lady talking to herself!”  I might seem a little batty but there is another voice that is not heard by whomever might be listening.  It is the voice of God.  Yes, God can talk to you if you are willing to hear!

We talk about how things are and He tells me something He’d like me to try to do.  Maybe it’s a reminder to be kind or forgive someone, or just be thankful for the gifts I have received from Him.  I tell Him about my fears and He reminds me that as long as I keep Him in my heart, I do not need to be afraid.

I tell Him about my concerns for my family and He tells me not to give up trying with them.  After all, He hasn’t given up on me though countless times He could have.  Then I express to Him the joy my family also brings to me, and He says, “You are my children and I love you.” 

I always thank Him for the beauty all around me and He says to me, “When you want to talk again, I’ll be here waiting for you.”


Father, I am so thankful to be able to share with you my thoughts, knowing that you will listen and not turn away from me.  If I am sad, you will comfort me.  If I am bursting with joy, you will rejoice with me.  I need never feel alone for you are by my side at all times.  Thank you for loving me.    AMEN.

Bev Newbold   

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